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McCartney's first album of new solo material in six years!

The most successful musician in popular music history

It is the eternal question for an artist of Paul McCartney's stature: What next? What next when you have... well, that list of achievements, with even the long-touted standards album now ticked off with last year's Kisses On The Bottom, hardly needs re-iterating. On one level, you might reasonably think that in terms of awards, honors, sales figures, shows and even artistically there is nothing left for him to strive for. But on another, there is always the search for the next truly great song, for the next unexpected challenge. For the new.

"If people ask why I bother, I say come along to one of my shows and just stand in the wings and look at the faces, look at the interplay between me and the fans - if you don't believe we are not having a good time then there is something wrong with you," says Paul McCartney of the very simple reasons for his continued motivation to make great music. "It all comes down to the fact that I love it, I love the whole process."

Which brings us to NEW. There was no particular plan for Paul's 16th studio album: Just a batch of songs that needed to be put down, and the idea of doing it with young producers, with someone who could bring something different. The result was Paul Epworth (Adele's 21), Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse), Giles Martin and Ethan Johns. Four distinct styles, four different sets of ideas coming together into one.

"Save Us," the first song on the record, revels in modern-yet-retro frenetic and fuzzy guitars that so characterized The Strokes, and befits a style not heretofore associated with a McCartney record. "Queenie Eye" has more twists and turns than thought possible in three minutes and 40 seconds. The title track, the first Mark Ronson contribution to the album, is the most straightforward of the set, and conjures up jaunty echoes of "With A Little Help From My Friends" or "Penny Lane." "Everybody Out There" is a straight-up, driving Macca pop song that arrived almost fully formed, while "I Can Bet" has a pretty distinct Wings vibe.

1. Save Us
2. Alligator
3. On My Way To Work
4. Queenie Eye
5. Early Days
6. New
7. Appreciate
8. Everybody Out There
9. Hosanna
10. I Can Bet
11. Looking At Her
12. Road

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Yeah, it's OK.

posted on 02/20/2014
3 Stars
Reviewer: Cal
The vinyl is what it should be -- flat and without sonic artifacts. The music is a disappointment for me. From the "reviews" I expected a closer return to the early wings rock and roll sound as heard on RAM or VENUS AND MARS. I just didn't hear that on this album. In addition, most of the music sounds compressed to me but you be the judge on this issue. Bottom line: for about $20.00 it is worth a listen. Still, I will be posting my LP on Ebay so I can buy the Lyn Stanley LP in it's place.

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