Bjork - Vespertine

Bjork - Vespertine


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Bjork is one of the most recognized stars in the world. She has sold millions of copies of ger groundbreaking albums. She is an icon of cutting edge style, and, most recently, she received woldwide acclaim for her starmaking turn in the film Dancer In The Dark, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award and won the best actress award at Cannes. Vespertine, Bjork's first new album since the film, finds her delving deeper than ever befor into her hunting and exhilarating sound and vision.

1. Hidden Place
2. Cocoon
3. It's Not Up To You
4. Undo
5. Pagan Poetry
6. Frosti
7. Aurora
8. An Echo, A Stain
9. Sun In My Mouth
10. Heirloom
11. Harm of Will
12. Unison

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posted on 01/07/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kristen
bjork's "quiet" album, whispered and textured, is all the more enhanced on vinyl. An absolute experience to really take the time to enjoy and LISTEN to by itself, without other distractions. It deserves that much


posted on 11/18/2006
5 Stars
Bjork's voice soar's especially in the song Unison. This song is perfect, that's about all I can think of, as to how to describe it. Of course McIntosh equipment and electrostatic speakers really bring out the best of her abilities. This is one of the only songs in recent memory that brings me to tears as her voice is so emotional and heart felt. I have both the CD and LP but I actaully think the CD sounds better. The album sounds good but sounds a bit soft, where as the CD is immediate and crisp. Usually I like albums more that CD's as being warmer and more emotional but I would say that the CD sounds better. Either way this one is highly recommended. Just my opinion....Lonnie

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