Mandolin Orange - This Side Of Jordan

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Featuring "House of Stone"

180-gram vinyl includes an MP3 download plus a full CD of the album

On Mandolin Orange's third release, This Side Of Jordan, there's a Lightnin' Hopkins lyric, "If fate's an old woodpecker then I'm an old chunk of wood." "I love the imagery that creates," Andrew Marlin, the duo's lyricist says, "You just picture death as this woodpecker that just lands on your shoulder and starts chipping away at you until there's finally nothing left." In 2011 around the release of Mandolin Orange's acclaimed Haste Make/ Hard Hearted Stranger, Marlin had a near fatal accident. "It was scary," Emily Frantz, the other half of the North Carolinian duo says, "But ultimately it brought us together during a time when we needed a nudge in that direction."

This Side Of Jordan is the story of that healing process, with tales of love and loss, told honest and bare. The opener, "House of Stone," quietly fades in with the hush of Frantz's fiddle then Marlin's guitar joins her, blooming. It's a moment of beauty and a gentle easing into the record that's drenched deep in the old time music of Southern Appalachia. Frantz explains of old time, "They're simple songs that just anyone can play with anyone they don't know, but music is what they have in common. And I think that's so much of what we value in that kind of music." That old time tradition brought Marlin and Frantz together at a local jam in Chapel Hill in 2009.

Recorded at the Fideltorium in Kernersville, North Carolina with bassist Jeff Crawford and a backing band, This Side Of Jordan still maintains Mandolin Orange's modest aesthetic. It's the appropriate juxtaposition to Marlin's undeniable lyricism. Religious faith and fable thread throughout the record with Biblical references used to "convey a different point," Frantz says. "In the south especially, we hear the Bible construed in any and every way to justify people's comforts and discomforts," Marlin further explains, "and it's so frustrating to watch those stories be used to limit people's happiness." This sentiment inspired "Hey Adam" which Marlin says is "a letter written to Adam from his secret male lover." During its chorus Marlin and Frantz urge in unison, "Our Father loves you all ways."


1. House of Stone
2. Turtle Dove and the Crow
3. There Was A Time
4. The Runaround
5. Cavalry
6. Black Widow
7. The Doorman
8. Morphine Girl
9. Hey Adam
10. Waltz About Whiskey
11. Until the Last Light Fades

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