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Record Mats and Clamps

Are you tired of your old felt mat serving as a dust trap? Is the static buildup on your current mat causing unwanted pops during playback? Static electrical charges are often generated during the handling, brushing and playing of vinyl records and many record platters and/or their mats actually accumulate this static charge, allowing a vicious cycle of attracting dust to your vinyl records. Static charge also results in the annoying habit of a record mat to sticking to your LPs when lifting them off the platter.

If you've paid good money for a nice turntable with a solid machined platter, why not upgrade the standard felt platter mat the manufacturer provided? Or if you've upgraded your turntable with a special platter, why use the old rubber mat, which is known to be poor at dampening bearing vibrations of some turntables? Through experimentation with genuine leather as a platter mat material, it was discovered that leather does not collect a static charge, and is unable to attract dust. Leather can also effectively dampen and reduce turntable rumble and noise allowing for more accurate playback. Customer feedback of sonic attributes include a more solid and articulate low end, lowering of the noise floor with blacker backgrounds, a deepening of the sound-stage along with a more natural and relaxed overall musical presentation.

Each leather split mat is made of high-quality leather that has been cut with a steel rule die to precise  dimensions. The mat is approximately 1.2 mm thick, with a spindle hole diameter of 7.9 mm (5/16"),  and an overall diameter of 292 mm (11.5"). This overall diameter ensures full support of the LP’s playing surface, while still providing a small margin of space around the edge of the LP so it can easily be lifted from the platter without disturbing the platter mat. The split mat design has a smooth side and a rougher, suede side. Either side can be placed down, in contact with your platter, with zero slippage, while providing a flat, non-scratch, non-static surface for your vinyl.

Enjoy your vinyl more than ever!

The mat is approximately 1.2 mm thick, with a spindle hole diameter of 7.9 mm (5/16"),  and an overall diameter of 292 mm (11.5").