Love - Black Beauty

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP

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Never before released on vinyl; numbered edition limited to 5,000 copies

Includes 28-page full-color book with rare photos!

Book includes extensive essay by Ben Edmonds!

Album download included

"A lost classic" — Rolling Stone

"Live and raw ... imagine the Jimi Hendrix Experience on steriods, with Lee exhibiting the kind of range on vocals that Hendrix was never capable of." — Variety

Arthur Lee often expressed his desire that Black Beauty (the album he recorded in 1973, but has remained frustratingly unreleased for 38 years) be made officially available for all to hear. Lee, with Love, founded one of the '60s seminal garage/folk/psychedelic bands, in 1965.

The fact that the three musicians Arthur chose to record the album with him — Robert Rozelle, Melvan Whittington and Joe Blocker — were not only talented and highly-intuitive players, but also close friends, allowed him to create, perhaps, the most open and emotionally expressive album in his highly-acclaimed catalog. Black Beauty runs the musical gamut from heavy, raw rock and roll, to the bluesy and soulful sounds Arthur heard as boy in Memphis, from folk-rock to sublimely melodic, plaintive balladry. It is essentially a paradigm of all the disparate sounds and styles of music Arthur had been brilliantly synthesizing to create his own one-of-a-kind music over the previous 10 years.

In addition, Black Beauty showcased new directions for Arthur Lee's sonic palette, adding funk and reggae to the mix, pointing the way to his musical future. Finally, after 38 years, High Moon Records is beyond thrilled to fulfill Arthur Lee's wish that Black Beauty be released! It did take us a bit longer than we expected, but we feel that we have created a release that Arthur himself would be proud of.



Side 1
Young and Able (Good & Evil)
Midnight Sun
Can’t Find It
Walk Right In

Side 2
Beep Beep
Stay Away
Lonely Pigs
See Myself in You
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