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Five stars from Rolling Stone

Classic album back on vinyl!

Includes "Life During Wartime" "Cities" and "Memories Can't Wait"

Fear of Music is the third studio album by American New Wave band Talking Heads, released on August 3, 1979, on Sire Records. It was recorded at locations in New York City between April and May 1979 and was produced by the quartet and Brian Eno. The album reached No. 21 on the Billboard 200 in the United States and peaked at No. 33 on the UK Albums Chart. Three songs were released as singles between 1979 and 1980: "Life During Wartime," "I Zimbra," and "Cities." The record was certified Gold in the U.S. in 1985.

Among the most adventuresome bands in rock history, the Talking Heads drew from funk, minimalism, and African and Brazilian music in promulgating a new sound that was both visionary and visceral. They were invariably challenging and inventive, using infectious rhythms as a form of sorcery to introduce their ever-expanding audience to exotic influences from abroad that they might otherwise have never heard. In so doing, they helped pave the way — along with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno — for the "world music" phenomenon of the Eighties and beyond. They also created a body of highly original work, crowned by such albums as Fear of Music and Remain in Light, that didn't so much appropriate its sources as transmute them into something that felt startlingly new and improbably accessible.

1. Zimbra
2. Mind
3. Paper
4. Cities
5. Life During Wartime
6. Memories Can’t Wait
7. Air
8. Heaven
9. Animals
10. Electric Guitar
11. Drugs

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