Fritz Reiner - Bartok: Concerto For Orchestra


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Remastered from the original master tape by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

Since its original release on LP in the mid-1950s, Fritz Reiner's rendition of the "Concerto for Orchestra" has stood as the standard against which all other recordings of the work are measured. Reiner's superb control of his orchestra and of Bartók's rhythms and textures is still unsurpassed, even by dozens of subsequent conductors in the digital age. Likewise, the "Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta" shows just what an incredible ensemble the Chicago Symphony was under Reiner's direction. The original 2-track session tapes were used in mastering for LPs and SACDs.

1. Introduzione: Andante non troppo: Allegro vivace
2. Giuoco delle coppie: Allegretto scherzando
3. Elegia: Andante non troppe
4. Intermezzo interrotto: Allegretto
5. Pesante: Presto

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