Digable Planets - Blowout Comb

 (Limited Edition + Poster)




Hip Hop / Rap

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Vinyl Record

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First-ever vinyl reissue, double LP

Limited edition first pressing with embossed jacket and fold-out 18 x 24-inch poster

Insert with notes by Larry Mizelle Jr.

After the gold-selling commercial success of their debut album, Digable Planets set out to prove their artistic prowess with 1994's Blow Out Comb. An album as diverse and vibrant as their home borough of Brooklyn, the music is a blend of jazz and hip hop and effortlessly mixes live instruments with samples. Digable Planets' most important and lasting document is offered here in a package more beautiful than ever before. It's the perfect excuse to reconnect with Blow Out Comb — or to discover it for the first time!

Side 1
Slowes’ Comb*
1. The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug
2. Black Ego
3. Dog It

Side 2
1. Jettin'
2. Borough Check
3. Highing Fly
Agent 7 Creamy Spy Theme*
4. Dial 7 (Axioms Of Creamy Spies)

Side 3
NY 21 Theme*
1. The Art Of Easing
2. K.B.'s Alley (Mood Dudes Groove)
3. Graffiti
4. Blowing Down

Side 4
1. 9th Wonder (Blackitolism)
2. For Corners

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Old school without sounding old

posted on 07/18/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Emmanuel
Another proof of the 90s enduring legacy as the golden era of hip hop. I won't bother you with gushing statements about the acoustic merits of this record, not that it doesn't have any, but the emphasis on this record is on mood and awaking social consciousness. The music is certainly digable but overall this record was designed to be listened to the way one might listen to Dylan's Highway 61 revisited. The sound is raw and gritty like Brooklyn and the ambience is smoke-hazy like an opium den, beckoning intrepid listeners to join a musical pilgrimage--destination out there.

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