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Six-time platinum-selling compilation album

"The Cars' blend of New Wave experimentation and trad-rock values made for nearly ubiquitous radio presence in the late '70s and early '80s. Often jumpily ambivalent and marvelously pop-wise in the same moment, Ric Ocasek captured the zeitgeist for people to whom even Talking Heads didn't matter much. Kicking off with one of the all-time great singles, 'Just What I Needed', then winding its way through seven more years of singles including the then-brand new 'Tonight She Comes', Greatest Hits is one, um, well-oiled pleasure machine." Rickey Wright,

From their star-making self-titled debut (1978) through the 1985 No. 7 hit " Tonight She Comes" that came out on this anthology, here are 13 new-wave masterpieces by the Cars! Also here: "Just What I Needed"; "My Best Friend's Girl"; "Good Times Roll"; "Let's Go"; "Shake It Up"; "Since You're Gone"; "Drive"; "Magic"; "I'm Not the One," and more.

1. Just What I Needed
2. Since You're Gone
3. You Might Think
4. Good Times Roll
5. Touch And Go
6. Drive
7. Tonight She Comes
8. My Best Friend's Girl
9. Let's Go
10. I'm Not The One
11. Magic
12. Shake It Up

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