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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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1997 British pressing Canada Collection

180 Gram Vinyl Record

Remastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound from the original analog tapes

Includes the classics "Sweet Emotion" and "Walk This Way'"

Three of Aerosmith's classic '70s albums were reissued for 2013's Record Store Day event in April. The band's 1973 self-titled debut, 1974′s Get Your Wings and 1975′s Toys in the Attic were all remastered for vinyl.

"Originally released in 1975, this was Aerosmith's breakout recording. Listeners only familiar with their more recent, post-comeback material may be surprised; like their other albums from the 1970s, Toys has a strong blues inflection, as indicated by their cover of 'Big Ten Inch Record,' which also shows that Aerosmith has never lacked raunchiness or innuendo. There's also the original (pre-Run-D.M.C.) version of 'Walk This Way,' and the classic 'Sweet Emotion.' This is classic Aerosmith at its gritty, streetwise best; they may have been derivative, but it really doesn't matter, then or now: it's all in good fun." —

Side 1
Toys In The Attic
Uncle Salty
Adam’s Apple
Walk This Way
Big Ten Inch Record

Side 2
Sweet Emotion
No More No More
Round and Round
You See Me Crying

Customer Reviews (4.25 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Highly recommended!

posted on 07/29/2021
5 Stars
I 100% agree with Pure Awesome. "Wow! This one of the best Remastered Albums I have ever heard! This album is Pure Awesome! Fantastic!" Great Pressing, Quiet and flat... Highly recommended!

Pure Awesome

posted on 12/17/2016
5 Stars
Wow! One of the best Remastered Albums I have ever heard! This album is Pure Awesome! Fantastic!

Same Review, Different Album

posted on 03/03/2014
4 Stars
Reviewer: audiofan
Have owned these Areosmith re-issues since they were first offered, and the comments on the first two titles hold true (no surprise) here as well. This was never a reference-quality, "clear-sounding" rock album compared to some others of the has a somewhat "busy" mix and the top end was always a tad soft, etc. But (again), unless you already have a pristine copy of this, purchase one of these before they're gone. As I stated on the reviews of the first two albums, the vinyl was quiet and clean.

Great Album! Average Pressing

posted on 05/22/2013
3 Stars
Reviewer: M
I really love old Aerosmith!!,and have owned this album on old LP (wish I still had it), cassette and CD. So maybe I was expecting too much when I saw this album finally go onto re-mastered virgin vinyl. Maybe its the original master source tape? I don't know. But this version sounds kind of muddy, lacking definition,far away with muted cymbals,etc.etc. you get the picture. But at $24 bucks and the good originals impossible to find! there you go.

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