How to Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion

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Vinyl Record & CD

No. of Discs: 3

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The debut album featuring Trent Reznor, frontman for Nine Inch Nails

15 tracks on double 180-gram vinyl LP

Includes "How long?" "Ice Age," "Keep It Together" and two vinyl-exclusive tracks, plus a CD of the album

"'Keep it together' is on par with Trent Reznor's best work in Nine Inch Nails, while soaring to a new level of its own." — Artist Direct

"Reznor and Maandig's vocals surface eerily through an electronic haze with haunting messages for one another." — Prefix magazine

How To Destroy Angels is a collective featuring Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Maandig and Atticus Ross. Rob Sheridan is the group's art director. The group is named after a 1984 Coil single of the same name.

"Trent Reznor often seems more robot than man, like he plugs in and charges up each night instead of sleeping. Luckily, his musical output has proven reliably alive. Following Nine Inch Nails' consistent excellence and stellar work scoring David Fincher's 'The Social Network' and 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' comes the debut HTDA album, an impressively powerful affair. Despite boasting such a dominant frontman, his wife and co-vocalist Mariqueen Maandig's harmonious vocals rule here, adding something softer to the digitised beats of ‘On The Wing' and ‘Keep It Together'. Only the overlong ‘Ice Age' disappoints on a solid, often stunning record." NME.Com

Side 1
The Wake-Up
Keep It Together
And the Sky Began to Scream
Ice Age

Side 2
Welcome Oblivion
On the Wing
Too Late, All Gone
The Province of Fear

Side 3
How Long?
Strings and Attractors
Recursive Self-Improvement
Unintended Consequences

Side 4
We Fade Away
The Loop Closes
Hallowed Ground

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