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Stirling Broadcast AB-2 Bass Extender, for all LS3/5a versions including the V2:  

The AB-2 offers the following benefits over the old Rogers AB-1 bass extender:

  • It has been designed for a broader, less peaky frequency response. Whereas the AB-1 produced a "one-note thud" centred at 70Hz, with the AB-2 you can hear progression through the bass register.
  • The AB-2 cabinet is taller by 48mm. We made it taller so that the inner chambers and longer port would be optimised for our high quality SB-4424 drive unit.
  • The AB-2 uses the latest rubberised damping pads (as used in our V2), these are far better that the brittle bituminous material used in the old AB1.
  • We use a larger, more stable plinth, fitted with heavy duty threaded inserts and high grade spikes. The AB-2 is fitted with high quality gold plated upper & lower connectors (Rogers AB-1 used nickel plated connectors).
  • The AB-2 is supplied with a far better link lead system (to link the AB-2's to V2's or classic LS3/5a's), featuring gold plated connectors and large contact area.
  • Our AB-2 is balanced to work at it's best with Stirling V2, but it also produces great results when used with any classic
  • LS3/5a's from 1974 - 1997.
  • The AB-2 is sold with a 5 year warranty on the drive units and crossovers.

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posted on 01/22/2013
5 Stars
The Stirling L3/5A's are a remarkable achievement and will satisfy most discerning listeners. The AB2 bass extenders transform the L3/5A's into something even more astonishing. Of course, they are not the best speakers in the world but they do produce a full range sound that leaves very little else to be desired. It would be very easy to spend much more and do much worse. I use them in one of my systems whose total cost is around 8000 dollars. The resolution in that system is not too vastly different from my reference system which costs 20 times as much. There are obvious differences but... If you own a pair of L3/5A's, don't hesitate, the AB2's will improve soundstage, detail, tonal weight and imaging. There is an increased sense of musical authority and rightness. None of the nimbleness of the L3/5A's is lost and the speaker combination is easy to drive. It is one of those night and day things, the improvement is patently obvious.

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