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High quality 180-gram double LP

Golden Earrings' On The Double was the band's first double album, released in January 1969. It contains 19 tracks varying from poppy songs and acoustics to their well-known heavier rock tracks.

The album includes the bands first piano based ballad simply entitled "The Grand Piano". However, most people will know this album for the song "Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart" which reached No. 2 in the singles chart in their homeland Holland. The band was charging like a mad bull through venues all over Holland and started to gain attention from countries all over the globe. This is when it started to get really serious for the band.




Side A
1. Song of a Devil's Servant
2. Angelina
3. Pam Pam Poope Poope Loux
4. Hurry Hurry Hurry

Side B
1. My Baby Ruby
2. Judy
3. Goodbye Mama
4. Murdock 9-6182
5. Just a Little Bit of Peace in My Heart

Side C
1. Sad Story of Sam Stone
2. High in the Sky
3. Remember My Friend
4. Time is a Book
5. Backbiting Baby

Side D
1. I'm a Runnin'
2. I Sing My Song
3. Mitch Mover
4. God Bless the Day
5. Grand Piano

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