Duke Ellington - Ellington At Newport

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Numbered, limited edition LP

Ellington's legendary comeback punctuated by Paul Gonsalves' 27-chorus saxophone solo

Historic 1956 live set triggered spontaneous audience outburst that fed directly into feel, outcome of performance

It spurred Duke Ellington's comeback into the mainstream. It captures a performance so energetic, wild, unexpected, and unprecedented that the music literally caused thousands of people to jump up and stand on their chairs, worrying officials that a riot might ensue. It is jazz of the highest order, played at an almost rock n' roll pace, and with an enthusiastic pep that confirms Ellington and his ensemble fed off the crowd's reaction as the collective lit into each new stanza. It is Ellington's best-selling album. It is Ellington at Newport.

Like few records before or since, the 1956 set owes as much to context and circumstance as it does instrumental execution. Ellington was suffering from lackadaisical record sales and a falling out of the public eye, as bop and hard bop supplanted tradition big bands. Yet in preparation for the event, Ellington worked on experimental ideas and a reshaping of some of his standards.

The iconic arranger/composer's foresight comes into fruition throughout the white-hot set, never more so than on "Diminuendo and Crescendo In Blue," on which tenor saxophonist Paul Gonsalves erases all rules and outlays a 27-chorus solo that left everyone in awe-and prompted them to stand on chairs, dance feverishly, and hoot and holler to an extent that caused Ellington to ultimately cool things off. The improvisational flight epitomizes boldness, freedom, risk, and, to the bandleader, an assuredly loud response to the critics that had believed his well was tapped.

The songs in advance of the climactic moment are no less exciting; Ellington and his 15-piece collective manhandle notes with ease, swinging and sliding through "Festival Junction" with a requisite balance of poise and panache, and kicking heels on "Newport Up" via Ellington's spry piano riffs, Jimmy Hamilton's spicy clarinet feeds, and Clark Terry's trumpet runs. In every way, Ellington at Newport is as quintessential as Kind of Blue, Giant Steps, and Way Out West.

Mastered on Mobile Fidelity's world-renowned mastering system and pressed at RTI, this numbered, limited edition Silver Series LP of Ellington's triumph boasts tremendous separation, deeper low frequencies, clearer highs, and front-to-back dynamics. Horns blare with multi-hued color, the Duke's 88s ring out with treble finesse, and the rhythm section claims an added presence buried on previous editions. Musically and sonically, you need this LP. It's that simple.



1. Festival Junction
2. Blues to Be There
3. Newport Up
4. Jeep’s Blues
5. Diminuendo and Crescendo In Blue

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A must own live recording

posted on 02/28/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Don
This is my fourth copy, the previous three are og, and it sounds terrific IMO. This copy was recently restocked at Acoustic Sounds. It comes # btw. Highly recommended! <$30 plus shipping.


posted on 02/22/2013
5 Stars


posted on 02/14/2013
5 Stars
10 stars and I won't budge from that judgement. This is absolutely one of the great jazz records of all time with the Duke and his outfit in blindingly top form. The recording quality is a triumph of engineering. I wrote to one of my friends " this one blew me out of the room". Worth a spare copy. There is really no more to say. A must buy for every collection.

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