Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick

 (40th Anniversary Box Set 2 LP's + 80 pg. Book)





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No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

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180 Gram Vinyl Record
50th Anniversary Edition

Multi-Format Box Sets
40th Anniversary Special Steven Wilson Mix Collector's Edition CD + DVD Audio + Book

Double LP 180-gram pressing featuring 2012 remix by Steven Wilson

Thick As A Brick and Thick As A Brick 2, both available on vinyl for the first time

Set includes 80-page, 12-inch book with articles, rare photos and memorabilia

A double LP set with the original Thick As A Brick remixed, and the new Thick As A Brick 2, both as 180-gram audiophile pressings and available for the first time in vinyl . The package also has an 80-page 12x12 book, all contained in a hard cardboard slipcase.



LP 1 - Thick As A Brick
1. Thick As A Brick (Part 1) (2012 remix)
2. Thick As A Brick (Part 2) (2012 remix)

LP 2 - Thick As A Brick 2
1. From a Pebble Thrown
2. Pebbles Instrumental
3. Might Have Beens
4. Upper Sixth Loan Shark
5. Banker Bets, Banker Wins
6. Swing It Far
7. Adrift and Dumfounded
8. Old School Song
9. Wootton Bassett Town
10. Power and Spirit
11. Give Till It Hurts
12. Cosy Corner
13. Shunt and Shuffle
14. A Change of Horses
15. Confessional
16. Kismet In Suburbia
17. What-Ifs, Maybes and Might-have-beens

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