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With Charlie Mingus, leader and bass; Jimmy Knepper, trombone; Curtis Porter (Shafi Hadi), alto sax; Clarence Shaw, trumpet. "This is the best recording I ever made." - Charlie Mingus. Originally recorded in 1957 but not released until 1962. 

"It has often been said that Mingus forced and pressured his sidemen to play above their potential, and that is certainly true of this project. Altoist Shafi Hadi (who doubles on tenor) is in blazing form on 'Ysabel's Table Dance,' while trumpeter Clarence Shaw (who was praised by Mingus for his short lyrical solo on "Flamingo") sounds quite haunting on 'Los Mariachis.' Trombonist Jimmy Knepper and drummer Dannie Richmond made other great recordings, but they are in particularly superior form throughout this session, as is the obscure pianist Bill Triglia. Completing the band is Ysabel Morel on vocals and Frankie Dunlop on castanets. While 'Dizzy's Moods' is based on 'Woody'N You,' and 'Flamingo' is given a fresh treatment, the other three songs are quite original, with 'Tijuana Gift Shop' having a catchy, dissonant riff that sticks in one's mind. The passionate playing, exciting ensembles, and high-quality compositions make this a real gem, and it represents one of Charles Mingus' finest hours." —

Side 1
Dizzy Moods
Ysabel's Table Dance

Side 2
Tijuana Gift Shop
Los Mariachis (the Street Musicians)

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Holy Cow

posted on 04/02/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brian VanPelt
The vinyl is almost perfectly quiet, as clean sounding as you can get. I don't remember anything louder than a light tick at one time.

The sound quality is amazing. It is up close and in your face. If I closed my eyes, I could hear some of the performers almost immediately to my left and to my right - horn players of some sort. They felt almost within arm's reach of me. Further back and around the back of my wall, and along it, were other performers like the drummer. There are some points when everyone is playing at once, an you feel like you are almost inside of the chaos. At one point, the castanets sounded like they came from behind me.

Extraordinary sound, huge dynamics and soundstage, complete with an essentially perfect playing surface - it has all of these things. This was the first time I've heard this album, but it will definitely not be my last.

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