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The Doors - Infinite

 (45-RPM vinyl box set)


Analogue Productions



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Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 12
Note: 45 RPM 200 Gram


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SACD Box Set
SACD Box Set

Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds bring you The Doors —  the band's six Morrison-era albums, all 45 RPM double LPs, in a box set. Box sets limited to 2,500 numbered copies (numbered copies sold out - only non-numbered copies remain) each on 200-gram vinyl; also available on Multichannel Hybrid SACD!

All remastered from the original sources by Doug Sax and The Doors original engineer Bruce Botnick. LPs pressed at 45 RPM by Quality Record Pressings!

Booklet included featuring 19 photographs and a 2,700-word essay by The Doors biographer Ben Fong-Torres, esteemed rock journalist and former Rolling Stone editor

All packaged in a textured, fold-over box

Stereophile's Robert Reina expounds on The Soft Parade:

"...I thought it was impossible to improve on Bruce Botnick's neutral and detailed engineering on the original Elektra vinyl, but Chad Kassem's 45 RPM, 200-gram reissue, stamped on two discs by his own Quality Record Pressings, has more inner detail, deeper bass, more extended highs, wider dynamic range and more delicacy. Over the last 20 years, many record companies have claimed, largely erroneously, that their "audiophile" vinyl reissues of classic jazz, rock and classical music exceed the sound quality of the original LPs. Here, Chad Kassem has actually done it, and by a wide margin." — Robert J. Reina, Stereophile, February 2014. A 2014 Stereophile Record to Die For!

"The magnetic door front-opening box (there must be a tech-packaging name for it that I don't know) is beautifully and rugggedly manufactured inside and out. It features a gray cast covering containing a ghostly iconic image of Jim Morrison on the front cover and the group on the back. The box also includes a full-sized full-color printed-on-heavy-stock booklet featuring album notes and a short interview conducted just before Jim Morrison's death by Ben Fong-Torres. It also contains short production notes by Bruce Botnick ... The booklet's layout and graphic content are outstanding and include images of the master tapes and in the case of the first album the rare copy of the master used on that album for the box (the master tape was not useable). ... Like most everything coming from Analogue Productions of late, the packaging and presentation are 'world class.'" — Michael Fremer, Analog Planet, Jan. 30, 2013

As aptly put by rock ‘n' roll journalist extradorinare Ben Fong-Torres, there's never been a reissue of The Doors recordings that sounded quite like these gems from Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds. And now, you can ‘break on through' with all six Doors' studio albums in a deluxe box set — on 45 RPM LP and Multichannel Hybrid SACD!

Analogue Productions, taking the original master analog sources, has cut every track from every studio album at 45 RPM, resulting in extended high frequencies, lower noise and, as Fong-Torres notes: "Bottom line, a chronicle of The Doors in the studio, captured with the highest sonic quality possible.

"They deserve no less."

All of The Doors' legendary albums — The untoppable self-titled 1967 debut The Doors, one of rock's most important debuts, Strange Days, Waiting For The Sun, The Soft Parade, Morrison Hotel, and the visceral L.A. Woman — have been remastered by Doug Sax and The Doors' original engineer Bruce Botnick, and the LPs pressed on 200-gram vinyl at Acoustic Sounds' own Quality Record Pressings plant (fast gaining popular consensus as the best pressing plant in the world).

But this special Doors' reissue features more than just spectacular sonics. We've included a 12-inch specially illustrated booklet with 19 photographs and a 2,700-word essay about the band from Ben Fong-Torres. Fong-Torres, a former editor for Rolling Stone, got the last interview with lead singer Jim Morrison before Morrison's departure in Paris in the spring of 1971, never to return.

Portions of that last interview with "lead lizard" Morrison also appear in the included booklet.

All of this comes packaged in a textured fold-over box. Both the box and the booklet will also be sold individually so that those who have already purchased individual albums in our 45 RPM Doors reissue series can assemble the set themselves at home. 

Fong-Torres helped compile one of the most definitive written histories of the band — "The Doors by The Doors." In that book, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) calls The Doors, "the most underrated musical powerhouse in rock history. And unlike some that fade away into the abyss, The Doors will always relate to the youth of any era."

Girl you gotta love your man. And audiophiles, you'll love The Doors box set from Acoustic Sounds. The memory of Morrison and co. on you depends; their legacy will never end. Get this box set today before they're gone; into your house The Doors will storm ... Yeah!

Technical notes about the recording process by Doors producer/engineer Bruce Botnick:

"Throughout the record history of the Doors, the goal between Paul Rothchild and myself was to be invisible, as the Doors were the songwriters and performers. Our duty was to capture them in the recorded medium without bringing attention to ourselves. Of course, the Doors were very successful, and Paul and I did receive some acclaim, which we did appreciate.

"If you listen to all the Doors albums, no attempt was made to create sounds that weren't generated by the Doors, except for the Moog Synthesizer on Strange Days, although that was played live in the mix by Jim, but that's another story. The equipment used was very basic, mostly tube consoles and microphones. Telefunken U47, Sony C37A, Shure 56. The echo used was from real acoustic echo chambers and EMT plate reverb units. In those days, we didn't have plug-ins or anything beyond an analogue eight-track machine. All the studios that we used, except for Elektra West, had three Altec Lansing 604E loudspeakers, as that was the standard in the industry, three-track. On EKS-74007, The Doors, we used four-track Ampex recorders and on the subsequent albums, 3M 56 eight-tracks. Dolby noise reduction units were used on two albums, Waiting For The Sun and The Soft Parade. Everything was analogue, digital was just a word. We didn't use fuzz tone or other units like that but created the sounds organically, i.e. the massive dual guitar solo on "When The Music's Over," which was created by feeding the output of one microphone preamp into another and adjusting the level to create the distortion. The tubes were glowing and lit up the control room.

"When mastering for the 45-RPM vinyl release, we were successfully able to bake the original master tapes and play them to cut the lacquer masters."

- Bruce Botnick, July 2012

"I received test pressings today for both Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman. I have to tell you that these are the very best pressings I've heard in many, many moons. Great plating and your compound is so quiet that I clearly heard every fade out to its conclusion with no problem. Doug (Sax) and company did a lovely job, the tapes sound pretty damn good for being almost 50 years old and his system is clearly the best...You should be very proud of what you and your troops are doing." - Bruce Botnick, The Doors producer/engineer

Click here to read a 1997 interview in The Tracking Angle with Doors producer/engineer Bruce Botnick.

The Doors
LP 1
Break On Through (To The Other Side)
Soul Kitchen
The Crystal Ship
Twentieth Century Fox
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Light My Fire
LP 2
Back Door Man
I Looked At You
End Of The Night
Take It As It Comes
The End

Strange Days
LP 1
Strange Days
You're Lost Little Girl
Love Me Two Times
Unhappy Girl
Horse Latitudes
Moonlight Drive
LP 2
People Are Strange
My Eyes Have Seen You
I Can't See Your Face in My Mind
When the Music's Over

Waiting For The Sun
LP 1
Hello, I Love You
Love Street
Not To Touch The Earth
Summer's Almost Gone
Wintertime Love
The Unknown Soldier
LP 2
Spanish Caravan
My Wild Love
We Could Be So Good Together
Yes, The River Knows
Five To One

The Soft Parade
LP 1
Tell All The People
Touch Me
Shaman's Blues
Do It
Easy Ride
LP 2
Wild Child
Runnin' Blue
Wishful Sinful
The Soft Parade

Morrison Hotel
LP 1
Roadhouse Blues
Waiting for the Sun
You Make Me Real
Peace Frog
Blue Sunday
Ship of Fools
LP 2
Land Ho!
The Spy
Queen of the Highway
Indian Summer
Maggie M'Gill

L.A. Woman
LP 1
The Changeling
Love Her Madly
Been Down So Long
Cars Hiss by My Window
L. A. Woman
LP 2
Hyacinth House
Crawling King Snake
The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)
Riders On The Storm