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Martha Argerich - Chopin - 24 Preludes Op.28


Clearaudio (Deutsche Grammophon)



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Martha Argerich was born in Buenos Aires. From the age of five, she took piano lessons with Vicenzo Scaramuzza. In 1955 she went to Europe with her family, and received tuition from Friedrich Gulda in Vienna; her teachers also included Nikita Magaloff and Stefan Askenase. Following her first prizes in the piano competitions in Bolzano and Geneva in 1957, she embarked on an intensive program of concerts. Her victory in the Chopin Competition in Warsaw in 1965 was a decisive step on her path to worldwide recognition.

Martha Argerich rose to fame with her interpretations of the virtuoso piano literature of the 19th and 20th centuries. But she does not regard herself as a specialist in "virtuoso" works — her repertoire ranges from Bach through Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt, Debussy and Ravel, to Bartók.


24 Préludes Op. 28 (33:39)
No. 1 In C Major
No. 2 In A Minor
No. 3 In G Major
No. 4 In E Minor
No. 5 In D Major
No. 6 In B Minor
No. 7 In A Major
No. 8 In F Sharp Minor
No. 9 In E Major
No. 10 In C Sharp Minor
No. 11 In B Major
No. 12 In G Sharp Minor
No. 13 In F Sharp Minor
No. 14 In E Flat Minor
No. 15 In D Flat Major
No. 16 In B Flat Minor
No. 17 In A Flat Major
No. 18 In F Minor
No. 19 In E Flat Major
No. 20 In C Minor
No. 21 In B Flat Major
No. 22 In G Minor
No. 23 In F Major
No. 24 In D Minor
Prélude No. 25 In C Sharp Minor Op. 45
Prélude No. 26 In A Flat Major Op. Posth.

Piano Sonata No. 2 In B Flat Minor Op. 35
Grave - Doppio Movimento
Marche Funèbre. Lento
Finale. Presto

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