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Lost Highway



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Vinyl Record

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Mastered by Doug Sax and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

The first three sides of this double LP are cut at 33 1/3. As a comparison bonus, the fourth side is a 45-RPM cut of two of the songs from the album, "The Girl With The Holiday Smile" and "Night's Lullaby", both written by Lyle Lovett.

Deluxe gatefold packaging.

Co-produced with Nathaniel Kunkel, Release Me marks the end of an era as it's Lyle Lovett's last record for Curb/Universal Music Group after being on the label for his entire career. Release Me is quintessential Lyle, mixing a smart collection of originals and covers that show not only the breadth of this Texas legend's deep talents, but also the diversity of his influences. The 14-song set includes guest appearances from K.D. Lang, Kat Edmonson and Sara & Sean Watkins. Covers include Lyle's take on classic songs like "Release Me," "White Freightliner Blues," "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" and "Isn't That So".

Garfield's Blackberry Blossom
Release Me
White Boy Lost In The Blues
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Isn't That So
Understand You
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Keep It Clean
One Way Gal
Dress Of Laces
The Girl With The Holiday Smile
Night's Lullaby
White Freightliner Blues
Keep Us Steadfast
The Girl With The Holiday Smile
Night's Lullaby

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 5 person(s) rated this product.

Excellent Pressing & Great Music

posted on 08/26/2015
5 Stars
One of Lyles best musical efforts. 5 Stars for music content. The pressing was flat & quiet. Can't quite go 5 stars on sonics but an easy 4 stars. Recommended.

A new standard

posted on 08/13/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jared
Wow, was I blown away with this record. Yes, I love Lovett's music, but the pressing and sound quality of this record are simply amazing. Other artists please take note! 30$ for a 2 LP pressing done by QRP that sounds simply amazing. I might have to purchase another just in case... Thanks to all involved with this project. Now can someone please convince Lyle to have Joshua Judges Ruth done up in a similar fashion?


posted on 04/29/2012
5 Stars
I thought this was simply an excellent pressing of a great record - then I played side 4 - wow, now I think this is an incredible pressing of a terrific album!

This is so real

posted on 04/26/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ant Simon
I read a few 3 star reviews of the CD, but the LP is definitely 5 stars.The production is awesome. The band could be playing in your listening room. The real highlight is side 4 done at 45rpm. The fiddle playing on "night's lullaby" is simply sublime


posted on 04/19/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Nathaniel Kunkel
I co-produced and mixed this record and I could not be more blown away with this Vinyl pressing. This record, when I play it at home, is closer to what I heard in the studio that any other medium I can transport. It is dead quiet, punchy, totally musical and staggeringly accurate. How do they do that?

QRP has fundamentally changed what I expect to hear from a major release medium.

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