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Deerhoof's 2002 release Reveille reissued on 180-gram blue vinyl. "If you figured that Deerhoof's third outing, Reveille, would consist of more of the same synapse-frying screeches and rock-driven salvos of noise they've built their name on, you could be forgiven for being wrong.

Reveille still offers plenty of clattering fury — just not as much as you may be used to. This time around, the gleeful chaos of their last two Christmas cards from the asylum has been tempered into something more endearingly bizarre. The record careens through sixteen tracks (most of which don't even break two minutes) with a boatload of additional instrumentation: bells, toy xylophones, flutes, strings, and organs, all employed in the most conspicuous way possible. But this veil of eccentricity cloaks insidiously sweet melodies.

In fact, the album falters just twice, and barely at that. 'No One Fed Me So I Stayed' isn't so much music as it is the muffled sounds of a strange, tortured creature bound and gagged in a cedar chest. Nevertheless, in the album's context, it's surprisingly funny (at least, I laughed, if only out of disbelief — hilarious or harrowing; take your pick), it just disturbs the pace of the album by being too weird, even among Reveille's other brain-damaging moments. Slightly more serious is the awkward lull caused by the eight-minute 'The Last Trumpeter Swan'. It's a pleasantly straightforward, hypnotic piece of guitar work.

It's hard to care much about Reveille's few missteps, though, when confronted with the staggeringly beautiful composition of the remainder of the album. Every cut is a true experience, uniquely inventive and sublime. From the glitch-addled guitar work on "Holy Night Fever", to the spacy chanting of 'Our Angel's Ululu', to 'Top Tim Rubies.' Let's just say this: Reveille's scope needs to be heard to be appreciated." — Pitchfork, October 2002


1. Sound the Alarm
2. This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
3. The Eyebright Bugler
4. Punch Buggy Valves
5. No One Fed Me So I Stayed
6. Frenzied Handsome, Hello!
7. Days & Nights in the Forest
8. Top Tim Rubies
9. Hark the Umpire
10. Our Angel's Ululu
11. The Last Trumpeter Swan
12. Tuning a Stray
13. Holy Night Fever
14. All Rise
15. Cooper
16. Hallelujah Chorus

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