Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water





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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record


Bridge Over Troubled Water is the most enduring album in the beloved duo’s catalog, boasting some of their finest vocal performances as well as some of Paul Simon’s most accomplished songwriting.

It spawned no less than four hit singles: “The Boxer,” “Cecilia,” “El Condor Pasa” and the iconic title track, which became an instant standard and which remains one of the most-covered songs in pop history. The album also features such beloved Simon and Garfunkel classics as “Keep the Customer Satisfied,” “Baby Driver,” “The Only Living Boy in New York” and “So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright.”

Capturing the contemplative mood of the end of a tumultuous decade, Bridge Over Troubled Water quickly became one of the most popular albums of its time, appealing to counterculture audiences as well as mainstream listeners. The album spent 21/2 months at the top of the charts, selling more than five million copies at the time of its original release; it has since sold over 25 million copies worldwide. It also won six Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year, and in 2003 was ranked at No. 51 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Now, four decades after its original release, Bridge Over Troubled Water is once again available in its original LP format utilizing Sundazed’s exacting quality standards. Mastered from the original analog tapes, the album is pressed on high-quality, high-definition vinyl, with meticulously reproduced complete original cover art. It’s the perfect way to re-experience this timeless classic.

1. Bridge Over Troubled Water
2. El Condor Pasa
3. Cecillia
4. Keep The Customer Satisfied
5. So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
6. The Boxer
7. Baby Driver
8. The Only Living Boy in New York
9. Why Don't You Write
10. Bye Bye Love
11. Song For the Asking

Customer Reviews (3.86 Stars) 7 person(s) rated this product.

Nice Sonic Upgrade

posted on 01/16/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bob
Beautiful upgrade to the 1970 release! I'm wondering if the no so good reviews are from people who never heard the original. I'm completely satisfied with the sound. And my pressing was a good one.

Bridge Over Noisy Vinyl

posted on 01/01/2014
3 Stars
I had high expectations being pressed by QRP. My original is no longer playable. To be fair, MOST (not all) of the record sounds great. But BOTW, the opening track has some pop and clicks that are hard to live with considering it is such a quiet song. A replacement disc was offered but my concern was I would receive a similar copy after reading the reviews. Not worth the return shipping costs. Grado Gold 2/VPI Traveler 1st gen. w/Jasmine preamp. A shame for such a classic.

I'll give it 5 stars

posted on 03/19/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: SG_Baird
Those who've complained about the sound of this LP have not heard any of the originals, apparently. With three copies of the original 360 sound label LP and the Sony Gold Mastersound CD, I think I can say safely that despite that bright high end you hear on this record, it is far smoother and palatable than on any other issue I've heard.

Review for this QRP pressing version.

posted on 03/07/2013
2 Stars
Reviewer: Henry
Listened to a number of QRP vinyls. Some are extremely good analog sounding (all Bob Dylan's), but some are really disapponted, like the other reviewer said, the sound is VERY muffled. This album is unfortunatly one of the poor ones, and high notes are very irritating as well. I have the Classical Records version and MusicOnVinyl version, and both are far better than this version. But to be fair, we suspect the problem is due to the re- mastering, not the pressing. Personally, I like the MusicOnVinyl version the most for its warmth and detail. The CR version is more punchy but seems less detail. Obviously they are 3 different mastering. However, my S&G Parsley Sage album is very good. Can anyone tell me does Sundazed got many remaster engineers with diferrent skills?

First Disappointment from QRP

posted on 02/11/2013
3 Stars
Reviewer: Kenny Fleshman
I looked forward to this release. The music needs no comment - you either recognize it for the greatness it is or not. But the pressing was a let down. It sounds muffled (VPI Traveler/Grado Gold-1) almost, poor dynamics, even numerous pops and clicks - a first for a QRP release for me. I even switched out the cartridge for my Shure M97xe which has a bit more slam than the Grado but it didn't help. Oh well, not spectacular but certainly respectable. And it didn't cost $49 either!


posted on 10/29/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ray
Vinyl LPs don't have to weigh 200 Grams to sound amazing!! If they are pressed with care like at QRP it will sound great!!!

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel

posted on 01/20/2012
4 Stars

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