Don McLean - American Pie


Friday Music



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DFRM 5535

Vinyl LP with Damaged Cover

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This LP has a damaged jacket. Acoustic Sounds will not accept a return on this product if the reason concerns the jacket's condition.

1971 will forever be one of classic rock's finest years. Friday Music offers one of the most important albums of that decade with Don McLean's classic American Pie. This huge album netted the singer many awards as well as a ton of radio airplay. Even to this day the eight-plus minute title track, as well as his haunting "Vincent" and other smashes like "Winterwood" continue to get massive radio activity.


American Pie
Till Tomorrow
Empty Chairs
Everybody Loves Me, Baby
Sister Fatima
The Grave

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Great tunes but really flat press

posted on 11/03/2017
2 Stars
Extremely flat, lifeless version. Lacking depth and complexity. It's all mid and very disapointing

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