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Moving Pictures: Live 2011 is a special collectors piece for diehard Rush fans. For the first time, the band performed their classic album in its entirety and it is collected on 180-gram vinyl for this release with brand new artwork. It also includes a download of the audio in high-quality FLAC files as well as standard MP3s.

Tom Sawyer
Red Barchetta
The Camera Eye
Witch Hunt
Vital Signs

Customer Reviews (2.00 Stars) 6 person(s) rated this product.

Bad bootleg???

posted on 05/16/2016
5 Stars
I own all of the rush vinyl and i wish that they would not have done this pressing with this SO bad bootleg! Do they need money that much!?

OMG this is bad! Phew!

posted on 05/03/2013
1 Stars
Reviewer: Vince
Bad sound, bad mixing, bad singing, just plain bad. Save yourself the grief and buy something else. Anything else. This POS should have never have been born. Honestly, this is the worst sounding thing in my collection, garage sale specials included. I thought there was something wrong with my stereo when the stylus hit the vinyl. Nope...

This, from a person who loves Moving Pictures and was really looking forward to live version.

If the person who reads and posts these reviews has any doubt, play the record. I dare you.

Terrible recording

posted on 10/30/2012
1 Stars
I saw the show was awesome! This pressing/recording has terrible sound quality. It was one of the most disappointing LP's I've bought in recent years :-(


posted on 12/01/2011
1 Stars
Reviewer: smccarvey
This has to be the worst live recording i have ever heard. The mix is down right bad. Rush is one of my favorite bands. I own every studio album they put out. This pains me to say. DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!

A bootleg-quality recording on a bad night

posted on 11/26/2011
1 Stars
Reviewer: Drew
This is truly disappointing, both in quality and performance. The sound quality is worse than most bootlegs, with absolutely no soundstage, missing drums (how can you lose Neil Peart in the mix?) and a shrill mix of Geddy's vocals that sounds like bad karaoke. (I saw Rush on this tour in NY, and they sounded like Rush of 20 years ago...great in every way.) Honestly, I don't know how they even made this recording sound so bad. Scary but true - I shot 30 seconds of video at the show from the audience with an iPhone, and the sound is actually slightly better than this. It's hard to believe, with live recordings generally sounding so incredible these days (even in stadiums...look at David Gilmour's live box set from Gdansk on vinyl, which is an exceptional recording throughout). The only positives are that this record is very inexpensive, and that it serves as a good souvenir for anyone that went to an actual show from this great tour.

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