Are You Authentic? - AYA...Authentic Audio Check

Are You Authentic? - AYA...Authentic Audio Check


Stockfisch Records


Test CD / DVD / DVD Audio / SACD

Product No.:
CSFR 9011 SA
EAN: 4013357901124

Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD

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The AYA's (Authentic Audio Check) Are you Authentic? is from an association whose members are dedicated to the aim of providing an authentic musical experience in cars. "Are you Authentic" campaigns for "real" and "natural" sound reproduction.

Together with Stockfisch Records they developed this SACD, with which the sound of auto hi-fi systems can be critically judged, and which therefore allows the most objective possible comparison of different systems. These tracks — some newly mixed, others specially recorded for this SACD — were selected to optimize sound systems.


Intro & Left-Right Test
Pinknoise Level Test
Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas “Sharpening A Knife” Tiefbass
Percussion-Ensemble (Improvisation) Tiefbass
David Munyon “A Hard Rain’s A-gonna Fall” Bass
The Bassface Swing Trio “Oh, Lady Be Good” Bass
Allan Taylor “Scotty” Grundton
McKinley Black “Hunger” Grundton
Anne-Marie Jean & Sebastian Sternal “Les mains d’Elsa” Mittelton
Dennis Kolen “For Cloud Dog And Jane” Mittelton
Percussion-Ensemble (Improvisation) Hochton
Allan Taylor “Firefly” Hochton
Barbara Burkle & The Bassface Swing Trio “Easy To Love” Balance
Sara K. “Sizzlin’ ” Balance
Djembe Walk Breite & Tiefe
The Tiptons (Saxophone Improvisation) Fokus
Johanna Single “Am Springbrunnen” Feindynamik
Percussion-Ensemble (Glockenspiel) Feindynamik


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