Henry Mancini - Breakfast at Tiffany's

 (Music From The Motion Picture)


Speakers Corner (RCA Living Stereo)



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Long nights, dizzy parties, a variety of men-friends and breakfast standing before the window display of the famed jewelry company govern the life of the dazzling Holly Golightly, who has in reality a very ordinary name and poverty-stricken background. All the more rich is the musical carpet that Henry Mancini lays beneath the feet of the exotic, wealthy-husband-seeking socialite. The tender, plaintive worldwide hit "Moon River" apart, Mancini and his Hollywood musicians mix a sugar-sweet sound with enough acrid elements to glaze over the capricious lady's character. The cool big band sound is spiced with a bold trumpet solo ("The Big Blow Out") and mellow violins with a suspiciously tame male choir ("Breakfast At Tiffany's"). As is well known, there is a great deal of dancing in the film, including a number with a Latin-American rhythm ("Latin Golightly") and a grooving mambo ("Loose Caboose"). At the end of the film even the "Moon River" swells to become a bubbling cha-cha, as though to say that a "happy end" must in no way sound sentimental.  


1. Moon River
2. Something For Cat
3. Sally's Tomato
4. Mr. Yunioshi
5. The Big Blow Out
6. Hub Caps and Tail Lights
7. Breakfast At Tiffany's
8. Latin Golightly
9. Holly
10. Loose Caboose
11. The Big Heist
12. Moon River Cha Cha

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A wonderful recording!

posted on 01/29/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Gary J
The beauty of this record really lies behind the scenes. Of course there are the standards “Moon River” and Breakfast at Tiffany’s” , but the real beauty of this album lies in the funky, sexy and cool jazz pieces that pop up mostly of the second side of the recording. If you’ve never thought that trombones could be sexy, then you haven’t heard this album..it’s sexy and so beautifully expressionistic of the movie itself and the dazzling Audrey Hepburn. But this particular remake of the original recording is the best that’s ever been made. I love it, it’s layered, textured, and a good example of how to get the most out of a 60’s jazz ensemble on a record. Buy it, if you you want to be thrown back to a cooler, simpler time, with very sexy trombones!

I love this

posted on 07/22/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ant Simon
Not only is this record very very cool, it is also stunningly produced and pressed

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