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Male Vocalist

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Stockfisch releases another vinyl LP as start of a new series: In The Groove

Allan Taylor comments: "I thought the vinyl format was finished. However, since I have been recording with Stockfisch Records and working with Gunter Pauler I have become used to the supremely high criteria the work to, so when they suggested that we choose a few songs of mine from our catalogue for a release on vinyl I thought it was a great idea."

Taylor's LP includes 10 of his favorite songs, among them such beautiful tunes as"The Dove", "Chimes at Midnight" and "Colour To The Moon".



1. Brighton Beach (from Colour To the Moon)
2. Back Home To You (from Leaving At Dawn)
3. Chimes at Midnight (from Old Friends - New Roads)
4. Frenchtown (from Hotels & Dreamers)
5. Red On Green (from Leaving At Dawn)
6. Colour To the Moon (from Colour To the Moon)
7. For Those We Knew (from Hotels & Dreamers)
8. Leaving At Dawn (from Leaving At Dawn)
9. The Dove (from Looking For You)
10. Save the Last Dance For Me (from Behind the Mix)

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wow - this is a nice lp

posted on 12/23/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: John
i have about 2000 lp's this is nicely recorded and wonderful music. Definitely a 5 of 5...super quiet vinyl...I do like the Stockfisch label....all seem pretty good!

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