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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD

35th Anniversary Edition

The Most Anticipated SACD Release Since The Dark Side Of The Moon!

Easily The Biggest SACD Title In The Analogue Productions Catalog!

Wish You Were Here is a multitrack masterpiece. Now, to have it mixed for 5.1 surround sound and stereo from the original analog master tapes by Pink Floyd's Producer/Engineer James Guthrie is, well, pretty damn exciting.

Is this the biggest SACD reissue in the history of the format? Time will tell, but don't bet against it.

Wish You Were Here(?) Now you can be. Total lifelike recreation of a chart-topping, pioneering, way-ahead-of-its-time blockbuster.

You talk about a title made for multichannel SACD! It's as if they knew 35 years ago that this format would be available. Finally, technology caught up with Pink Floyd. And oh how lucky we all are to still be around to hear this legendary studio recording in its full potential.

Pink Floyd chose Acoustic Sounds and Analogue Productions to handle the exclusive distribution of this monumental SACD and we are honored and thrilled to be a part of EMI's huge Why Pink Floyd...? campaign that includes remastered CDs, Blu-rays, DVDs, LPs, memorabilia box sets and this, the first-ever multichannel presentation of Wish You Were Here. The SACD also of course includes a stunning stereo mix. And as this is a hybrid disc, the record is of course also playable on a standard CD player.

On its release in 1975 Wish You Were Here topped the album charts in both the UK and the U.S. Reflecting the band's thoughts of the time on the music business and exploring themes of absence, Wish You Were Here contains the classic cut "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," a tribute to founding band member Syd Barrett.

In fact, Barrett, who'd long been absent from the lives of Pink Floyd's band members, stopped by the Wish You Were Here recording sessions at London's Abbey Road Studios unannounced. The reunion - with Barrett reportedly appearing in poor mental condition - is said to have been an emotionally stirring event for the band, and apparently that encounter would be the last any of the band members were ever to see of Barrett, who died in 2006.

As they did with their previous release, Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd made great use of studio effects for this, their ninth album overall. The record's winding soundscapes are perfect for the canvas of multichannel SACD. Spacious and airy, the record breathes like a living being.

Wish You Were Here was selected by Rolling Stone as No. 209 on their list of "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time". And that's before they heard it like this!

5.1 surround mix by James Guthrie
Assistant engineer Joel Plante
Mastered by James Guthrie and Joel Plante
Mixed and mastered at das boot recording
DSD authoring for SACD by Gus Skinas

"...Analogue Productions got the exclusive for the latter's appearance in 5.1 on SACD. The results are spectacular, given that the progressive rock of the day - this dates from 1975 - was conceived from the outset to immerse the listener in sound. Regardless of its surround sound aspect, this is a dazzling's discrete multichannel capabilities truly liberate the sound in all of its open and spacious glory." Sound Quality: 92% - Ken Kessler, Hi Fi News, February 2012

"The Analogue Productions SACD of Wish You Were Here offers a premium quality compact package and the rapturous sound quality of high resolution audio...For Pink Floyd Fans, Wish You Were Here represents the perfect synergy of sonic perfection, lyrical emotion and instrumental proficiency. Deservedly so, Wish You Were Here now joins Dark Side Of The Moon on the Super Audio CD format, offering Pink Floyd fans the quintessential audiophile listening experience. Highly recommended!" - Paul Powell Jr., Brain Damage, December 2011

"...I was simply struck with the new-found ability to listen to what is essentially the master tape, without any flaws or compromises in the tranlation from storage medium to sonic image. In other words, I was hearing the choices that the musicians and engineers had made during the recording process, fully un-obscured. Wow!" - Ken Langford, Brain Damage, December 2011

"...There really aren't words for how spectacular, and how musically right, Guthrie's remix was and the quality imbued in every bit of this production...I have been hearing this music since the day it arrived in my local record store 35 years ago and never imagined anything like this. Guthrie's expert, musically impeccable multichannel remix added depth and clarity to the superb original, and how he got Richard Wright's ARP string to orbit the room several feet above my heard has to be the result of some sort of voodoo...Mind-boggling." - Paul Bolin, The Audio Beat, November 3, 2011

"...If ever an album was made for surround replay, Wish You Were Here was it. Originally conceived with a Quad mix in mind, the massive scale and bandwidth demands of the album reinforce the benefits of the multichannel format. If ever a record should have been labeled 'PLAY LOUD,' this was it, and five channels of amplification, five speakers and the underpinning of a serious subwoofer might not be essential, but they certainly add to the effect. Regular Floyd producer Guthrie has created a tasteful and effective 5.1 mix that actually succeeds in adding to the music, the special embellishments and immersive quality simply extending the sense and impact of the event...I can assure you that you'll not be disappointed...For once we have a reissue that stands up to the hype." Music = 5/5, Sound = 4.5/5 - Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat, November 2011

"...The music may be almost 40 years old, but it sounded fresh because of the mix, which used the center and rear channels very effectively, creating a true soundscape that was startling at points - especially immediately before the lyrics began to 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' - and mindblowing at others. This demo was a potent reminder of how innovative and expertly constructed this music was - and that David Gilmour's greatness cannot be overestimated. Only such a promising demo could pack a room with press during the opening minutes of the show." - Mark Mickelson, The Audio Beat, October 2011

"...We listened to the entire album, straight through, and without interruptions. At the end of the demonstration, it was one wrung-out audience…it was like we had been at a concert! Couldn't be better. Clearly Chad Kassem's top-notch production values were in play… Chad's work sets a global standard for excellence in fine audio that everyone in the music business should emulate. Many talk about doing great work; Chad just goes out there and gets it done… and has for years. If this project is an indicator of things to come, I hope that we see the complete Pink Floyd catalog issued by Analogue Productions."  — David W. Robinson, Postive Feedback, Issue 58, November/December 2011

  "Storm Thorgerson, who designed Pink Floyd's iconic 1975 album, Wish You Were Here, returned to the photographs from his 37-year-old artwork to create a new package for the Hybrid SACD edition. Now included alongside the disc is a hardbound book with a set of postcards. ... Thorgerson says: "The album's package was done in the first place to be very image-led, and therefore not like The Dark Side of the Moon, which was graphic rather than image-y." — Douglas Wok, Print, April 2012

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Since the SACD release of Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, our customers have been effusive with their praise as you can see in the comments they've posted to this site — or to put it more simply: IT'S THE BOMB! — "Absolutely incredible sound, you are surrounded by pure Pink Floyd music where every detail in the music is revealed in the highest quality." "The sound is crystal clear, one of my best SACD's." Do go on with your flattery. They did.

The press that this release has garnered has been no less a testament to the success of the project. Gathered below you'll find links to a growing list of sources where the Wish You Were Here SACD has been a subject focus or received a laudable mention. Spend some time enjoying reading what others have had to say about this super audio blockbuster.

1) Paul Bolin - "Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011: A Weekend of Spectacular Sound." The Audio Beat, Nov. 3, 2011.

"Getting the show's most amazing presentation out of the way first, it is nearly impossible to overstate the impact of Acoustic Sounds' world debut of the 5.1-channel remix of Pink Floyd's epochal 1975 album Wish You Were Here." From The Audio Beat.

2) Paul Powell Jr. - "Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here: SACD review and interviews including James Guthrie." Brain Damage - Pink Floyd News Resource, Dec. 22, 2011.

"The music could only be described as remarkably analog like - not the trendy Pro Tools enhanced, DSP plug-in tube emulation of analog, but the old-school 1970's kind of vintage analog. I fondly remember those days when the music flowed effortlessly from the warm grooves of vinyl, taking you on a long adventurous journey." Full review here.

3) Julie Skaggs - "A Jewel Of The Pink Floyd Catalog Receives Additional Shine From 5.1 Mix." A Fleeting Glimpse.

"...this is nothing less than aural bliss, with the proper focus given to the emotional impact of the work as a whole (and its status as a classic of the Pink Floyd oeuvre) as well as its inherent musicality. The mix enhances all these qualities, reveals details most have never truly heard before (or heard so distinctly), and yet remains entirely respectful to the music itself, which in the end is all that matters." Full review here.

4) Ken Langford - "Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here SACD preview." Brain Damage - Pink Floyd News Resource, Dec. 7, 2011.

"I immediately noticed something major: NO HISS! Every other reproduction I have ever heard of this album has had audible hiss at the very start of Shine On part 1. On this reproduction there was zero. Fantastic! This can almost certainly be attributed to remixing the album from the original multitrack masters. At last!" Full review here.

5) Ken Kessler - "Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here." Hi Fi News, February 2012.

""...Analogue Productions got the exclusive for the latter's appearance in 5.1 on SACD. The results are spectacular, given that the progressive rock of the day - this dates from 1975 - was conceived from the outset to immerse the listener in sound. Regardless of its surround sound aspect, this is a dazzling's discrete multichannel capabilities truly liberate the sound in all of its open and spacious glory." Sound Quality: 92%

6) John Atkinson - "Pink Floyd in Surround.", posted Oct. 16, 2011.

"From the opening sound effects that tracked from the rear to the front, to the final fade on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 9", listeners were immersed in the re-creation of one of the finest rock albums of all time. I felt Guthrie's surround mix was true to the band's original two-channel intentions while expanding the soundfield to take full advantage of the multichannel medium. "Magnificent!" I scrawled in my notebook." From Stereophile.

7) Robert Harley - "RMAF 2011 Report - Upper-End Electronics." the absolute sound, Oct. 19, 2011.

"Although I'd heard this album quite a number of times over the years, listening to this new multichannel mix was like experiencing the record for the first time. Not only was the sound greatly improved, but the tasteful use of the center and surround channels served to convey the genius of this album."

8) Andrew Quint - "Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here. EMI (SACD). the absolute sound, April 2012, page 132. Music = 4.5/5, Sound = 5/5

"Multichannel treatments of older rock recordings that truly serve the musical essence of the original are rare. Here's one that does. ... James Guthrie's 5.1 mix generates a vast sound space. ... The mechanical pulsing that begins "Welcome to the Machine" is harrowing in its visceral acuity."







1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)
2. Welcome to the Machine
3. Have a Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)