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This 1972 release, originally on Bearsville Records, was engineered by Todd Rundgren with a little help from his friends Rick Derringer, Billy Mundi, Moogy Klingman, Amos Garrett, Bugsy Maugh and Gene Dinewiddie (both from the Butterfield Blues Band), the Hunt Brothers (Soupys boys from Tin Machine), Rick Vito, Jim Horn and the Brecker Brothers. The set contains many selections that have survived the decades, from radio perennial "Hello, Its Me" and "I Saw The Light," to a most-recent cover of "Slut" by the latest version of Alex Chiltons Big Star.

1. I Saw The Light
2. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
3. Wolfman Jack
4. Cold Morning Light
5. It Takes Two To Tango [This Is For The Girls]
6. Sweeter Memories
7. Intro
8. Breathless [instrumental]
9. The Night The Carousel Burned Down
10. Saving Grace
11. Marlene
12. Song Of The Viking
13. I Went To The Mirror
14. Black Maria
15. One More Day [No Word]
16. Couldn't I Just Tell You
17. Torch Song
18. Little Red Lights
19. Overture - My Roots: Money [That's What I Want]//Messin' With The Kid
20. Dust In The Wind
21. Piss Aaron
22. Hello It's Me [LP Version]
23. Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me
24. You Left Me Sore
25. Slut

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