Michael Rabin - Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos


Testament (Columbia)



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Michael Rabin managed to be one of the most talented and tragic violin virtuosi of his generation. Hailed as a child prodigy, his talent matured gracefully into an adult level, but he failed to follow in his emotional growth, resulting in a cutting short of his career. He never reached the age of 36, yet remains one of the most fondly remembered of virtuoso violinists for listeners and fellow musicians. In the 1950s, Rabin signed with Capitol-EMI, for which he recorded the most important part of his legacy

Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto
Ravel: Tzigane
Saint-Saens: Havanaise

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Good Stuff

posted on 08/03/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: David K.
Beautiful music, super quiet surfaces. I am very happy with this recording and either have or will purchase(d) all of the Rabin vinyl. A real treasure.

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