Frederick Fennell - Pomp & Pipes! - Paul Riedo, organist

Frederick Fennell - Pomp & Pipes! - Paul Riedo, organist


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"For gut-wrenching, pants-flapping lease-breaking sound, this is, bar none, the best-sounding CD of the first digital decade. A triumph for all involved and fun too." - Harry Pearson, TAS (reprinted with permission). All the ingredients were there. It was only a matter of time before they came together for this truly sensational recording: the splendid new Fisk pipe organ in the Meyerson Symphony Center (one of the finest halls we know); Paul Riedo, organist of the Dallas Symphony, Frederick Fennell and the Dallas Wind Symphony.

1. Praise The Lord With Drums And Cymbals
2. Allelujah! Laudamus Te
3. Grand Chorus In Dialogue
4. The Vikings
5. The Poer Of Rome And The Christian Heart
6. Heroic Poem
7. Pebble Beach Sojourn
8. Lord, Save Thy People
9. Polka & Fugue from Schwanda The Bagpiper

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made my house shake!

posted on 05/26/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: andy
so good i thought we were having an earthquake!

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