Daniel Roth - Cavaille-Colls Masterpieces at Saint-Ouen


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Hybrid Multichannel SACD

Hybrid Multichannel SACD

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Daniel Roth known for his excellent interpretations of the French Romantic Literature and extraordinary improvisations recorded one of Cavaille-Coll's masterpieces for a new JAV Recordings release (JAV 165) on the organ in the church of Saint-Ouen in Rouen, France. The program is varied with works by Guilmant, Boulanger, Vierne, Alain, Messiaen and one of Roth's compositions based on the Magnificat. The recording was made in Surround Sound and will play on either a regular CD player or an SACD player. The recording was made for JAV by the noted recording engineer Christoph Frommen. The SACD layer has a special bonus narrated tour of the stops at Saint-Ouen. In this bonus section Daniel Roth talks about different individual stops and groups of stops and then improvises on them.

Included in the 32 page booklet that accompanies the CD is an interview with Denis Lacorre, the organbuilder who cares for the instrument. Denis Lacorre discusses fascinating details about the history, design and care of the organ at Saint-Ouen. Numerous photos are included in the booklet along with excellent music notes by Stephen Tharp and an essay by Joe Vitacco on the week the JAV team spent in the medieval town of Rouen.


1. Guilmant: Religious March on a theme of Handel, Op. 15
2. Boulanger: Prelude in F Minor (1912)
3. Boulanger: Petit Canon (1912)
4. Vierne: Marche Episcopale From Trois Improvisations (1928)
5. Vierne: Allegretto, Op. 1
6. Vierne: Communion, Op. 8
7. Vierne: From Pieces de Fantaisie: Troisieme Livre, Op. 54 Cathedrales
8. Vierne: From 24 Pieces en style libre, Op. 31 Scherzetto
9. Alain: Choral Dorien
10. Alain: Variations sur Lucis Creator
11. Messiaen: Apparition de l Eglise eternelle
12. Roth: From Livre d Orgue pour le Magnificat : Quia respexit
13. Roth: From Livre d Orgue pour le Magnificat : Deposuit

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