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D/A Converter or Processor

Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

This Furutech GT-40 should warm the digits of anyone with a vinyl collection. Furutech, who is generally known for its high quality connectors and cabling, now released the wonderful GT40 USB DAC with built-in phono stage.
The product looks incredibly well built for the price, and features a large level control on the front.

Enjoy the music stored on your computer or laptop via USB. Of course in high-resolution 24bits / 96Khz. Do you prefer using another DAC but your computer doesn't have a digital output? Then this Furutech GT40 is the ideal link with its configuration USB in >> Digital out.
Headphone preamp
"For more intimate listening". Connect your headphones via the 6.3mm jack at the front.
Phono preamplifier MM/MC
You can plug your turntable into the analog inputs (switchable between line or phono level) on the back. A switch on the back offers MM or MC input levels.
High resolution
Playing and recording is done at a high resolution of 24bits / 96Khz.
Phono AD Converter
You can plug your turntable into the analog inputs (switchable between line or phono level) on the back. Plug the USB port into your computer to transfer your records to hard drive at 24bit/96kHz resolution.
Connecting is simple
Other options include a pair of analog outs. Connect a USB-cable to virtually any PC/Mac and the Furutech GT40 is functions immediately, without having to install software.

USB & Analog Playback and Record multimedia audio system

Connectivity: USB B Interface, Analog input/output RCA jack

USB Playback Resolution : 24bit/96KHz

USB Recording Resolution: 96kHz (Max) supports 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz

Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (40Hz: +0.5 dB, 15kHz:-0.5dB)

SN ratio:-90dB (A-wtd) / Line Output

Line Output Level: 1 Vrms

Line Input Level: MC 0.4mV / MM 5mV / Line 1V

Headphone Output Level: 80mW ( 32 ohm ) Max.

Power Supply AC Adaptor Rating: AC 9V 0.5A

Dimensions: 150 (W) x 111 (D) x 57 (H) mm

Weight: 785g Approx.


The load (Input impedance) for the ADL GT40 is as follows:

Line 50K ohm Approx.

MM 46K ohm Approx.

MC 10K ohm Approx.

Maximum Input Level for MM: 5.0mVrms at 1K Hz

Maximum Input Level for MC: 0.4mVrms at 1K Hz

Maximum Input Level for LINE: 1Vrms at 1K Hz

The Gain setting for the ADL GT40 is fixed at 62.5dB for MC and fixed at 48.5dB for MM.

(MC input to LINE output) => 62.5dB @ 1K Hz , +6dB(Line)

(MM input to LINE output) => 48.5dB @ 1K Hz , +6dB(Line)

GT40 has no setting for gain to match different impedance headphones. We recommend using 16 ohm to 300 ohm impedance headphones.

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