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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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The Stooges hurled themselves headfirst into 1969 with a debut so sonically ferocious that only one-time Velvet Underground member John Cale could do it justice as a producer. With a full-scale feedback punch, The Stooges' musical bite tore its way towards punk and what would later be called grunge. Fully embracing the idioms of teenage life, The Stooges coined previously unmentioned terms of adolescent angst. "No Fun," "Not Right" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog" gave vocabulary to the post-hippie generation yearning to vice its dissatisfaction. The Stooges' triumph was in converting the confusion and desires of teenage life into chaotic, three-chord bliss. Often mimicked, but never equaled, The Stooges was the call for a new era of rock.


1. 1969
2. I Wanna Be Your dog
3. We Will Fall
4. No Fun
5. Real Cool Time
6. Ann
7. Not Right
8. Little Doll

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