Pontiak - Living

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Van, Lain and Jennings Carney share a mom, a dad and a Virginia farmhouse studio. They record themselves, book themselves, hold complex day jobs and know their way around a working farm as well as an instrument. They like it loud and for Living, their fifth release in two years, they like it dirty. Their fifth album was recorded on an old reel-to-reel in the band's home studio using two-track tape. Living is connected to their previous recordings by the brothers' affection for a thick-as-molasses guitar sound and a heavy bass that holds sway over the album, creating some delicious sludge.


1. Young
2. Original Vestal
3. Algiers By Day
4. And By Night
5. Second Sun
6. Beach
7. Lemon Lady
8. This Is Living
9. Pacific
10. Forms Of The
11. Thousands Citrus
12. Virgin Guest

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