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Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound

"...these are all truly classic Verve titles that you simply don't want to miss...most importantly, the sound of these reissues is nothing short of astounding. Particularly the early Billie and Ella mono records are incredible treasures of sonic beauty. I'd definitely ask Santa for the whole set, or, if you want to cherry pick, the most classic titles. Whatever you decide, you owe yourself at least a half dozen!" Winner of a 2012 Positive Feedback Online Writers' Choice Award - Danny Kaey, Positive Feedback Online, November/December 2011

This album came about through a fortuitous convergence of circumstances. Shelly Manne & His Men were appearing at New York's Village Vanguard, sharing the bill with the Bill Evans Trio. Getting Riverside's permission to let the pianist participate, Creed Taylor set up a session at Rudy Van Gelder's studio with Evans and Manne sharing top billing. Manne's bass player, Monty Budwig, made up the trio. This was a busman's holiday for Evans, who was freed from the musical parameters he had set for his then-current trio. The result is that his playing seemed lighter, freer, and more relaxed than it had for a while. The album kicks off with a jaunty version of Irving Berlin's "The Washington Twist" from the unsuccessful Mr. President with Budwig sharing the honors with Evans as much as Manne. Manne spends most of his time driving Evans into more diminished and sharper playing than was usually Evans' wont. Another relatively unfamiliar Berlin work, "Let's Go Back to the Waltz," gives full reign to Evans' lyricism. The longest tune on the set is an audacious, almost lampooned version of "With a Song in My Heart" with light chordal phrasing that pretty much characterized much of the tone coming from this session.

Recorded in 1962.

Bill Evans, piano
Shelly Manne, drums
Monty Budwig, bass


1. The Washington Twist
2. Danny Boy
3. Let's Go Back To Te Waltz
4. With A Song In My Heart
5. Goodbye
6. I Believe In You

Customer Reviews (4.78 Stars) 9 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 08/16/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Chris
The only problem with this album's too darn short! What a beautiful recording. If I wasn't a Bill Evans fan before this, I certainly am now. Make sure you have a handkerchief with you for Danny Boy, especially if your grandparents were from Belfast. Buy it quick!


posted on 07/25/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: E
Awesome, just a great pressing. You can hear each instrument really well, drums sound great, highly recommended!

Very nicely done

posted on 08/30/2022
5 Stars
A wonderful album, the music is excellent, the sound is very good and the

album cover is excellently finished.

Great customer service

posted on 04/03/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tim
I received this album it looked great nice a flat and clean but the surface noise was crazy bad after one email to Acoustic Sound they replaced both disc a week later . they sound terrific couldn’t be happier. This is the reason I buy from them . Great job Acoustic Sounds. Bill Evans is a national treasure this lp is a joy . It’s dead quite and very detailed. I buy 95% of my records from them only time I’ve had to contact them it was hassle free experience

Channels flipped

posted on 12/27/2020
3 Stars
Surprised no one has noticed this, but compared to the original release and the digital versions of this album, this pressing has flipped the drum and piano channels. I also find the piano to be a touch distorted. The drums do sound amazing though. I purchased this because my original copy is rather thrashed but not sure its worth $50.


posted on 01/14/2018
5 Stars
Very fabulous, well worth it!! Dead quiet pressing, quality recording and sleeve...

Classic, Classic, Classic!

posted on 07/16/2013
5 Stars
I have had this recording since the 1960s. I saw Manne and Budwig at the Manne Hole several times (illegally, since I was not yet 21). I basically have everything Bill Evens recorded and saw him in person at least a dozen times. This recording is unique. Evens is almost playful. I look forward to hearing it in its new threads. Perhaps my 50 year old LP can get a rest.

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