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53rd Annual Grammy Awards
Best Pop Instrumental Performance
Nessun Dorma

Best Rock Instrumental Performance

"Making this record took me back to the feeling I had making Blow By Blow." - Jeff Beck

For his first studio album in seven years, Grammy-winning guitarist Jeff Beck returns with an electric mix of tracks that find the guitar virtuoso accompanied by a handpicked cast of talented musicians, as well as several songs accompanied by a 64-piece orchestra. Rhino unleashes the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's restless genius with Emotion & Commotion.


1. Corpus Christi Carol
2. Hammerhead
3. Never Alone
4. Over The Rainbow
5. I Put A Spell On You [feat. Joss Stone]
6. Nessun Dorma
7. Serene
8. Lilac Wine [feat. Imelda May]
9. There's No Other Me [feat. Joss Stone]
10. Elegy For Dunkirk [feat. Olivia Safe]

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too many surprises!

posted on 07/17/2023
5 Stars
Reviewer: Nate
The sound on this album is amazing, but it isn't just another guitar showcase. The band is first rate, but I guess when your name is Jeff Beck pretty much anyone will be glad to play on your album.

My favorite tracks are the two on which Joss Stone sings. Her voice is so much better suited to Jeff Becks music than modern pop. She has a killer voice and her vocal on "I Put A Spell On You" is the best I've heard.

I can't recommend this strongly enough.

Superior Jeff Beck

posted on 02/15/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Rich McDonough
For those who have long argued that Jeff Beck is the finest guitar in Rock 'n' Roll, this album is proof positive.


posted on 08/01/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Kevin
This is the best recorded Jeff Beck album EVER. I was stunned by the music and recording. I for one loved the deep bass in these grooves, and the guitar tone is big and fat. This music is a new page in Beck's music, no he isn't doing the big guitar flash thing, but man is he doing the "musical thing". I was hooked on this album after 3 minutes, its amazing! I plan to pick up a 2nd copy next week... if you like Beck and don't mind growing a little with him (as he himself moves on) then by all means get this Beck tour de force of a release.


posted on 07/25/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Charles Jarman
The new release from Jeff Beck is a great LP but somewhat laid back. I guess none of us have the energy of youth. The music is absolutely beautiful with those great guitar licks, but one does not have an image of Jeff Beck with an orchestra in the background. The combination, however, comes off great. The female singer has a voice to die for. I have not noticed any mastering problems, but I have gone to great measures to position my speakers for the best sound. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who doesn't think the ultimate sound is free downloaded ultra compressed music heard through a pair of $10 headphones.

Good Guitar

posted on 05/31/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bill
Overall the album is a great acomplishment from a musical perspective. However --- the engineer bloated the bass to unreal levels detracting from an otherwise great album.

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