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After months of hands-on testing by dedicated audiophiles, HiFi-Tuning has taken the Disc Demagnetizer to another level by adding a second demagnetization cycle at a different frequency. More effective than earlier single cycle efforts from pioneering Japanese companies, and at a lower cost!

How does an aluminum disc magnetize? The inks used on the disc label may contain materials that can pick up a magnetic charge as they are moved in and out of their case and the CD transport, and are spun at high speeds. The impact of this magnetization is most acute on older discs, which can be sonically rejuvenated with the Disc Demagnetizer. But even brand new CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray, and other formats will benefit.

Each demagnetizing cycle takes about 8 seconds. After the first cycle, turn the disc over, and run the second cycle.

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