Dire Straits - Love Over Gold

Dire Straits - Love Over Gold


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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP    

Despite the fact that Love Over Gold contains only five songs, the powerful effect of these selections makes this Dire Straits' more underrated record. Building on the ambitious arrangements and more sophisticated story-songs that made up the prior Making Movies, Mark Knopfler audaciously composed "Telegraph Road," a near-15-minute cut that traces society's technological evolution. Although this kind of subject matter might sound ostensibly dry, Knopfler's crisp playing and warm raspy voice, combined with Alan Clark's gorgeous keyboard runs, makes for a sweeping experience.


1. Telegraph Road
2. Private Investigations
3. Industrial Disease
4. Love Over Gold
5. It Never Rains

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posted on 10/11/2015
5 Stars
This is the way it should be done. Quiet vinyl, no pops, and no skips just great sound. Highly recommended.

Perfect Reissue

posted on 10/12/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tim
This album has always been one my favorite Dire Straits albums. I have the original release. It still sounds descent, but the reissue is just plain ear candy. Telegraph Road will blow you away. You cannot go wrong with this version.

Fantastic - Top Level Pressing

posted on 04/08/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Pete C.
Wow - this is one well done engineering and pressing. From the moment I put the stylus on Telegraph Road and that BIG well defined base hit me in the chest, and the snare drum cracked, and the sound stage opened up and became populated with well placed guitar and a wonderfully detailed high end I was blown away. Now this is what I hope for when I hear "from the analog master" . . . .a great combination of the warmth of analog and the well defined airy placement of great engineering. Well done, Mr. Grundman and Pallas. Now I can't help but notice that there is also an effort by this same team with respect to their first album . . . .but it would have to be a very fine effort indeed to equal this one.

What A Pressing!

posted on 01/07/2011
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jonathan Murray
The first reviewer is absolutely correct. This is one of quietest pressing I've heard. The noise floor is almost inaudible. The dynamics are amazing and when combined with the quality of DS musical talents make this a must have album. A real example of the best vinyl has to offer.


posted on 12/12/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: David Mc.
Bernie Grundman outdoes himself here. This one is excellent, the other reviewers are spot-on. Overall balance is just superb. I have bought a number of re-issues this year, and this is one of the best sounding overall, and one of my favorites. Very quiet pressing (count me as a Pallas fan). No compression here. I also got the vinyl re-issue of their debut album, which is also very good, but the recording quality itself is so much better here. For those who cross the format boundaries, I also like the excellent XRCD of "Brothers in Arms" and the original (non-remastered)"On Every Street", but this vinyl takes the cake. Thanks,

Simply Awesome

posted on 10/11/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Simon
Dire Straights - What a band. I've seen them play live twice. This LP release is much much better than my original LP version I purchased over 20 years ago. The surface is nice & quite, the sound quality is just great. As for the album itself - I can't fault it - it's simply awesome.

Well done!

posted on 09/05/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Ross Cameron
Great remastering effort and very quiet pressing.No one would be disappointed with this.

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