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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 4
Note: 200 Gram

45 RPM

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1986 Australian pressing

Peter Gabriel introduced his fifth studio album So with "Sledgehammer," an Otis Redding-inspired soul-pop raver that was easily his catchiest, happiest single to date. Needless to say, it was also his most accessible, and, in that sense it was a good introduction to So, the catchiest, happiest record he ever cut. "Sledgehammer" propelled the record toward blockbuster status, and Gabriel had enough songs with single potential to keep it there. There was "Big Time," another colorful dance number; "Don't Give Up," a moving duet with Kate Bush; "Red Rain," a stately anthem popular on album rock radio; and "In Your Eyes," Gabriel's greatest love song which achieved genuine classic status after being featured in Cameron Crowe's classic, Say Anything. These all illustrated the strengths of the album: Gabriel's increased melodicism and ability to blend African music; jangly pop and soul into his moody art rock. This Classic reissue was cut from the original half-inch 30 ips analog master tapes on the Classic all-tube stereo cutting system at Bernie Grundman Mastering by Bernie himself. This release features the additional tune "We Do What We're Told (Milgrames 37)" that was originally not on the Geffen vinyl issue in 1986. Now on Clarity Vinyl for the first time!

Side One
1. Red Rain
2. Sledgehammer
3. Don't Give Up
4. That Voice Again

Side Two
1. Mercy Street
2. Big Time
3. We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)
4. This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)
5. In Your Eyes

Customer Reviews (4.00 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 02/09/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: mauidj
I have never felt compelled to post a review let alone spend $150.00 on a single album. Boy was it worth it. I am sitting here listening to it as I write with goose bumps all over. Truly brilliant!

I say No to this issue of So

posted on 02/17/2010
1 Stars
Reviewer: Mike N.
I was expecting a really clean sounding record, but all four discs have very annoying ticks throughout. Many of my standard issue records don't even have this problem. As far as the mastering, it seems like the highs and lows have both been boosted, often resulting in muddy bass and distorted treble. The latter makes for some very bad sibilance on many of the songs. Often so bad, that it makes me fingers on a chalkboard! In my opinion, this is bad mastering, and a bad pressing. The packaging is good... nice gatefold jacket and nice box. The sleeves are high quality, but unfortunately they're just a tad too small, so getting the record back in the sleeve is a challenge. The music is great, this being my favorite Peter Gabriel album, but the quality of this issue is unacceptable at this price.


posted on 01/26/2010
5 Stars
I am a man of few words... So here goes OUTSTANDING In every way!!!!!!

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