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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 3
Note: 180 Gram mono

45 RPM    
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

Click Here to See Photos from the Nat "King" Cole Mastering Session

Read Michael Fremer’s Essay on the Nat King Cole Mastering Efforts

This truly is a no-expenses-spared project, resulting in the ultimate version of this title.

Analogue Productions' Blue Note and Nat "King" Cole Reissues WIN A Positive Feedback 2010 Brutus Award!

"...if you haven't picked up every one of the Blue Note and Nat King Cole reissues from Chad Kassem and company at Acoustic Sounds, you're really missing out!" - David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback, Issue 52

"...this is one of my favorite record purchases in a long time. Close to perfection in many areas, I consider it one of the MOST TRANSPARENT AND DYNAMIC TAPE TO VINYL TRANSFERS I'VE EVER HEARD. TOP 5 ALL TIME JAZZ/CROONER RECORDING FOR MUSIC AND SOUND." - soundevaluations, October 2010

"...the originals are a distant second to these 45rpm LPs. Cole's voice is up front, and the accompaniment, especially the massed strings, has a colorful vividness. After Midnight was recorded in mono, and it is among the very best 1.0-channel reissues. Played with a mono cartridge, it displays intimacy and tonal purity that must be heard to be believed. Recordings this revealing offer new ways of evaluating everything about the recording sessions, and both sets hold up under the scrutiny...All of Analogue Productions' Nat 'King' Cole releases go the extra mile..." — Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat, September 5, 2010

"...the Nat King Cole LPs are astonishingly beautiful, particularly played through my new Wilson Maxx3's. They make me cry." — Max Paley, Acoustic Sounds customer

In this felicitous blending of Nat "King" Cole's supreme talents as jazz pianist and vocalist with small combos featuring fellow jazz alumni, classic pop and jazz met in a wildly successful brew. A combination of new and familiar songs are featured, including fresh recordings of classic hits like "Route 66." Musicians include Harry "Sweets" Edison, Juan Tizol, Lee Young, Stuff Smith and Willie Smith augmenting his famous Trio. In addition to the full original album, five additional tracks and one alternate take from the original sessions are included in this release. Mellow, classy, focused and vibrant, After Midnight was a hit and an instant classic upon its release in 1956 and remains a gem to treasure today.

Mastered fully analogue from the original first-generation full-track monaural session tapes by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray to 45-RPM 180-gram vinyl, the exemplary recording is presented in appropriately exquisite sound quality.

Recorded in 1956.

Just You, Just Me
Sweet Lorraine
Sometimes I’m Happy
It’s Only A Paper Moon
You’re Looking At Me
Lonely One
Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
I Know That You Know
Blame It On My Youth
When I Grow Too Old To Dream
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66

Bonus tracks, songs left off original LP:
What Is There To Say?
I Was A Little Too Lonely
You Can Depend On Me
Two Loves Have I
Just You, Just Me, Take 2
It's Only a Paper Moon, Take 3

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 9 person(s) rated this product.

Cole is King

posted on 07/14/2022
5 Stars
This pressing is an excellent example of what 45 rpm vinyl is. The detail, the spacing with audio, the depth of sound…it’s all there and then some! To boot, you get a fantastic Nat King Cole album, that is one of his best.


posted on 06/18/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Emmanuel
What can I say...

After hesitating about the$75 price tag on this record I took the plunge and bought it at the sale price of $67.50 (still high mind you). Boy O boy! was I in for a treat. The sound on this thing is breathtaking. Like all the AP/Acoustech records it immediately floored me and made me instant fan of Nat King Cole. Now I don't have to feel bad about spending $68 (ok $67.50) on it.

A great LP

posted on 01/17/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: paul v k
My all time favorite Nat Cole recording.

Absolutely fantastic sound on a super quiet pressing.


posted on 01/21/2012
5 Stars
One of the great jazz-pop albums of all time in a pressing that brings the trio and its guests into the room with you. Essential vinyl.


posted on 08/11/2011
5 Stars
the price, mono... I was reluctant. Great in every way.


posted on 04/01/2011
5 Stars
I own the "Pure Pleasure" 33RPM double vinyl version of this recording. I always thought it was good but not great. The Analogue Production is hands down superior. The music as room to breathe and it shows. 3LP's 45RPM... It's like you are listening to a new recording of the songs. You can hear very subtil playing and singing and it makes you realize how much compress the songs were on the two 33RPM vinyls.


posted on 01/13/2011
5 Stars
This is easily the finest vinyl recording I have ever heard. The presence is incredible. It genuinely seems Nat is playing in my music room. I have to admit, the high price tag gave me pause, but it is worth every penny.

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