Lights - Rites

Lights - Rites


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"Rites is just about as good a stoner rock album as I've heard in as long as I can remember. It's also one of the better radio-ready pop records of the last several months, and occasionally a more than adequate (if swivel-troublingly ethereal) dancefloor filler. That's some gap between Acid King and Kelly Clarkson, you know, a challenge the shapeshifting Brooklyn collective Lights meet at nearly every turn; pure, pretty pop rubs elbows with fistpump fodder in the same song, occasionally intermingling but never interfering. That kind of swift and changeable movement between genre means just about every sound they touch on, they can handle. And it's some list." - Pitchfork

1. Heavy Drops
2. Can You Hear Me?
3. Love
4. Hold On
5. Fire Night
6. We Belong
7. War Theme
8. Nothing Left to Build
9. Save Me A Place

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