Pierino Gamba - Rossini Overtures


Speakers Corner (Decca)



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Opera Overtures from The Thieving Magpie, The Silken Ladder, The Barber of Seville, Semiramide, William Tell - London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pierino Gamba

This is a good collection. The performances are taut and exciting and the orchestra playing splendidly alive and polished, even at the very fast speeds sometimes chosen for the allegros. A strong disciplining force - not unlike Toscanini's style - is felt in every piece, and care in phrasing is noticeable at every turn. Particularly captivating is the string cantilena at the introduction of The Barber Of Seville, which is phrased with a wonderful sense of line. Decca's recording is quite superlative.

1. The Thieving Magpic
2. The Silken Ladder
3. The Barber Of Seville
4. Semiramide
5. William Tell

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Super Disk

posted on 10/02/2009
5 Stars
This re-issue is of one of Decca's most respected recordings. It is on the TAS Super Disk list in the original pressing. It is a highly sought after LP.

The sonics on this LP are amazing but the music is made up of short incidental overtures if you like that sort of thing. So I rate this 5 for sound and about 3 1/2 for music. Recommended.

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