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"R.E.M. abandoned the enigmatic post-punk experiments of Murmur for their second album, Reckoning, returning to their garage pop origins instead. Opening with the ringing 'Harborcoat,' Reckoning runs through a set of ten jangle pop songs that are different not only in sound but in style from the debut. Where Murmur was enigmatic in its sound, Reckoning is clear, which doesn't necessarily mean that the songs themselves are straightforward. Michael Stipe continues to sing powerful melodies without enunciating, but the band has a propulsive kick that makes the music vital and alive." - All Music Guide

1. Harborcoat
2. 7 Chinese Brothers
3. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)
4. Pretty Persuasion
5. Time After Time (Annelise)
6. Second Guessing
7. Letter Never Sent
8. Camera
9. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
10. Little America

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Great sound, weak pressing

posted on 03/26/2021
2 Stars
Reviewer: etkirsch
Of all the albums I’ve sampled so far, this is easily the most confounding. Sonically, the repressing is excellent – great imaging, a full sound stage, very clear vocals and instrumentation, BUT . . . every once in awhile there is a nasty pop and (holy moly!) there’s actually a full bore groove jump in Harborcoat. You’re sailing along and then, out of nowhere, WHAM! you’re on to the next groove.

Honestly, I can’t figure it out -- the vinyl sounds great most of the time, but the pressing is definitely a problem. If you hold the vinyl up to a bright light, you can see numerous inconsistencies in the luster and even a few nicks. Maybe I just ended up with a bum pressing.

All in all, just a frustrating record to review. Sonically great, but the vinyl quality is poor and then there are those random awful pops and of course, the Harborcoat groove jump.

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