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Country Life is Roxy Music's second release after the departure of Brian Eno and it's arguably the highpoint of the band's output from that era. The haunting, melancholic "The Thrill Of It All," the art-rockin' "Out of the Blue," the almost-pure '50s rock of "If It Takes All Night," the decadent affections of "A Really Good Time" and the concluding "Prairie Rose," all offer glimpses of alternative rock before the genre even existed. The combination of textures is exhilarating, and the songwriting which draws on elements of R&B, cabaret music and glam rock is among the band's most accomplished.

1. The Thrill of It All
2. Three and Nine
3. All I Want Is You
4. Out of the Blue
5. If It Takes All Night
6. Bitter Sweet
7. Triptych
8. Casanova
9. A Really Good Time
10. Prairie Rose

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Very good sound quality

posted on 10/02/2010
4 Stars
Reviewer: Bryan
Needless to say this is an absolutely excellent Roxy Music album with great songs like "The Thrill of It All", "Out of the Blue", "Casanova" and "A Really Good TIme" - and the good news is that the sound quality is very good, particularly on "Bitter Sweet" and "A Really Good Time" where Eddie Jobson's violin sounds fantastic. Not sure the poster is necessary - i would have to wonder who has that one up on their wall... If you are looking for the slick uber-produced sound from the later Roxy this one won't be for you - its less artsy than the first two, but still not conventional and definitely ahead of its time. You can see the trajectory of the band heading towards "Siren" and away from "Stranded."

I only give it four stars because while the sound quality is really good its not up to the 45rpm releases that have come out for other artists.

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