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"The Beach Boys' catalog is littered with forgotten 1970s LPs that barely scraped the charts upon release but matured into solid fan favorites despite - and occasionally, because of - their many and varied eccentricities. Surf's Up could well be the most definitive, beginning with the cloying 'Don't Go Near the Water' and ending a bare half-hour later with the baroque majesty of the title track (originally written in 1966). The LP is a virtual laundry list of each uncommon intricacy that made the Beach Boys' forgotten decade such a bittersweet thrill - the fluffy yet endearing pop (od)ditties of Brian Wilson, quasi-mystical white-boy soul from brother Carl, and the downright laughable songwriting on tracks charting Mike Love's devotion to Buddhism and Al Jardine's social/environmental concerns." - All Music Guide

1. Don't Go Near the Water
2. Long Promised Road
3. Take a Load off Your Feet
4. Disney Girls (1957)
5. Student Demonstration Time
6. Feel Flows
7. Lookin' at Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)
8. Day in the Life of a Tree
9. 'Til I Die
10. Surf's Up

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posted on 08/21/2012
4 Stars
I would recommend this for the music and sound. Replaced my original. Even if you are not particularly into the Beach Boys, this is great atmospheric music.

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