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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP

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Recorded in 1991, Ten and the muscular melodic rock of tracks like "Jeremy," "Alive" and "Evenflow" brought Pearl Jam massive crossover success. Along with the output of Nirvana, this album went a long ways towards making mainstream rock radio receptive to alternative rock acts.

1. Once
2. Evenflow
3. Alive
4. Why Go
5. Black
6. Jeremy
7. Oceans
8. Porch
9. Garden
10. Deep
11. Release

Customer Reviews (3.33 Stars) 3 person(s) rated this product.

terribly disappointing

posted on 04/13/2020
1 Stars
Reviewer: Jay
worst 180 gm pressing I have ever purchased...level of recording incredibly low, spindle hole defective....

2 great realizations of 1 great album...

posted on 07/09/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Vann
This album comes as two LPs. The first is Ten with the production values as they were upon its initial release, and it is very faithful to that initial release. Everything is there just as you remember it. The second LP is the "Redux" version, the full album as remastered by Brendan O'Brien. There are a couple of noteworthy changes here: The reverb has been dialed back significantly, adding some space to the mix and lightening up what was a pretty dark sound. The vocals and guitars have been brought way forward in the mix, the guitars really sound great here. This pressing does not contain the additional b-side tracks that were included with some versions. Both versions sound wonderful, but don't go into it expecting any "mind blowing" improvements from the vinyl as compared to the cd. I found both LPs to be pretty much devoid of surface noise. Far be it from me to tell you which version is better, suffice to say I am really happy with this 2 LP set.

Great album but OK pressing

posted on 01/12/2012
4 Stars
Reviewer: Fred
This is a great album for a fan and the re-issued songs are a nice to have. Would have expected this to have an amazing sound, but it is simply OK and of good overall quality

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