Sir Eugene Goossens - Villa Lobos: The Little Train of the Caipira


Classic Records (Everest)



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CHDD 2033

HDAD 24/96 24/192

No. of Discs: 2

HDAD 24/96 24/132

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200 Gram Vinyl Record

This HDAD+ package contains two discs, one is a two-sided DVD-10 containing two channel 24 bit/192 kHz data and three-channel 24 bit/96 kHz data on one side, playable on DVD Audio players, and on the other side two channel 24 bit 96 kHz data and three channel Dolby AC-3, playable on DVD video players. The second disc included is a standard two-channel CD containing 16 bit/44.1 kHz data playable on all CD and DVD players. Transferred directly from the original 35mm three-track film by Bernie Grundman from Bernie Grundman Mastering and Len Horowitz from History of Recorded Sound at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood.

In 1960, David Hall, who wrote the original liner notes for this Everest 33mm recording, had this to say about the Villa Lobos composition: "In recent years, hi-fi fans have delighted in the realistic recordings of big steam locomotives and other railway sounds. For some, it is more thrilling to have a fast freight roaring through the living room than to hear the music of Beethoven or Tchaikovsky. Here, though, is a tailor made for both audiophile and music lover. With Everest's startingly lifelike sound, coupled with the vivid imagination of Villa-Lobos, you can hear a musical train come to life on your phonograph." The Little Train of Caipira was inspired by a ride that Villa-Lobos took in 1931 on a train that was transporting berry-pickers and farm laborers between villages in the Brazilian province of Sao Paolo. Within an hour he had completed the last movement and that very night he and his wife played the movement on cello and piano.

Alberto Ginastera, Argentina's most celebrated composer, wrote "Estancia," a one act ballet in five movements, as a commissioned composition in 1941. It was not performed in ballet form, however, until 1952 in Buenos Aires. "Panambi," composed in 1936 and another ballet suite in five movements, is based on a South American Indian legend. Its primitive element is most spectacularly evident in the second movement, which is scored for percussion and brass only and in the last movement "Dance of the Warriors" which works up to a tremendous final climax.

This Classic Records HDAD+ reissue features original artwork and was transferred directly from the original 35mm tapes through Classic's "all tube" system by Bernie Grundman. Presented in both two-channel 24 bit/192 kHz and three-channel 24 bit/96 kHz on the DVD-A format and two-channel 24 bit/ 96 kHz and three-channel Dolby AC-3 on the DVD-V format ensures that the listener will hear every nuance of this great Eugene Goossens /LSO recording by Bert Whyte. Also included is a bonus CD of the entire program. This is truly a "golden age" recording that will delight the train nuts and audiophiles alike.


1. The Little Train Of The Caipira: Toccata from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 2
3. The Land Workers
4. Wheat Dance
5. The Cattlemen
6. Final dance, 'Malambo'
Panambi (Suite from the Ballet)
8. Moonlight on the Parana
9. Invocation of the Powerful Spirits
10. Lament of the Maidens
11. Rondo of the Maidens
12. Dance of the Warriors

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