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"Jimi Zhivago and Kim Taylor capture the songs' organic atmospherics and candle-flicker ambiance to perfection, never piling on too much extraneous ornamentation in favor of allowing the songs to hover on their own inherent power. For Fading Light, it's her gauzy singing that is the most immediately grabbing element, her voice floating in the same hemisphere as smoky, emotive song merchants like Fiona Apple or Beth Orton, but with the liquidity and phrasing of a classic, creative Jazz chanteuse like Billie Holiday. Fading Light is intoxicating, narcotic Pop with depth and soul, darkly effervescent and as bewitching as any record you'll hear this year. Visceral, timeless and seductive, it's the kind of album you can get lost in, never caring if you ever find your way back out." – Cincinnati City Beat Review

Fading Light was mixed at New York's Magic Shop directly to ½" analog tape, and the lacquer was cut directly from the tape machine to the cutter head with no digital conversion of any kind.

Taylor's new album was produced by Jimi Zhivago, recorded and mixed by Pete deBoer and features Mars Volta drummer Blake Fleming.

- Mastered by Greg Calbi and Raymond Janos
- Pressed at RTI

1. I Feel Like A Fading Light
2. People (For Jimi)
3. Glove
4. My Dress Is Hung
5. Turpentine
6. Baby I Need You
7. Ninety-Five Things
8. Who Is Golden
9. Everything Ends
10. Hit Me
11. Roses

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