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"The term 'Metallo' has been coined to describe Heartbreak's marriage of Italo disco and metal, and as clunky and awkward a label as that might seem, it's not entirely without foundation. Heartbreak are like an evil twin to labelmates Neon Neon, fashioning audacious and memorable synth hooks, but adding an element of darkness to their pop constructions – albeit a very tongue in cheek kind of darkness. Like The Human League fronted by a squeaky voiced Rob Halford, Heartbreak mix exuberant electro-pop with an over-enthusiastic delivery that occasionally brings to mind a camp Tenacious D." - Bookmat

1. We're Back
2. Don't Lose My Time
3. Soul Transplant
4. Robot's Got the Feeling
5. Akin to Dancing
6. Regret
7. The Deadly Pong of Love
8. Give Me Action
9. Poison
10. Living Just for Fun

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