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While their records are entertaining and full of skillful pop, it wasn't until At Budokan that Cheap Trick's vision truly gelled. Songs like "I Want You To Want Me" and "Big Eyes" were pleasant in their original form, but seemed more like sketches compared to the roaring versions on this album. With their ear-shatteringly loud guitars and sweet melodies, Cheap Trick unwittingly paved the way for much of the hard rock of the next decade and it was At Budokan that captured the band in all of its power.

1. Hello There
2. Come On, Come On
3. Lookout
4. Big Eyes
5. Need Your Love
6. Ain't That A Shame
7. I Want You To Want Me
8. Surrender
9. Goodnight Now
10. Clock Strikes Ten

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Mixed Bag re-issue

posted on 03/12/2016
3 Stars
Reviewer: joey1127
It's not bad...but it's not great. Sounds a bit compressed overall or muffled. Not bad though if you want a brand new copy...but an original pressing would be a better choice.

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